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Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

When a cultural item of great magnitude arrives, people sit down and pay […]

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Splatoon Review | Nintendo Wii U

Our Splatoon review is your comprehensive guide to impressions on Nintendo's latest Wii U intellectual property.
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E3 2014 Recap | Big 3 Overview

With E3 2014 in the books, here are TCG staff opinions of the big 3’s showings. Did Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony […]

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Dark Souls 2 Release Central

Dark Souls 2 released the night of March 10th, 2014. B2Wolverine, Mizaster J, and GtVSlayer participated in TCG’s coverage. […]

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Poll: X-Men Cyclops Vs Wolverine

Wolverine and Cyclops did not get along that great in the X-Men movies. They both fought for the affection of Jean Grey. […]

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Diablo 3 versus Guild Wars 2?

Here at The Classic Gamer, we have chosen to invest time in both of these online gems. Which do you prefer?


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Man of Steel Versus Batman. Who wins?

Man of Steel Versus Batman.  This has been the burning question on the interwebs.  If it came down to these two, who would win? […]

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Action RPG Vs. Turn-Based RPG

Gamers live for adventure, discovery and challenge. But, how do they prefer to fight their battles? […]

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Turtles in Time Gameplay & Review

This past Sunday, Optimus Grind, GtVSlayer, WarioMCP, & Afro Dave took a trip down Ninja Turtle Lane.


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Mass Effect Trilogy: series’ best game?

There is another Mass Effect series in the works. Which game from […]

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B2Wolverine Gamer Spotlight

B2Wolverine has been a behind the scenes video producer for The Classic Gamer, sharing his gaming exploits. […]

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Crashing & Wiping Out in Wave Race N64

We enjoy getting together with friends and jamming random multi-player games. Gaming with friends […]

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