Tis’ the season to give with a reason- 12 days of retrogaming giveaways, streaming for charity to raise, The Classic Gamer is going live on stage.

Retrogaming for Charity

In attempt to raise $500 with Extra-Life.org for UF Shands Hospital for Children, let’s give. The Classic Gamer is not only donating to the cause but in addition we’re giving away a ton of things to help spread the holiday cheer. Check out our fundraising page if you’re in the spirit to give to a good cause, UF’s Shands Hospital.

UF Shands Hospital

Dr. Mario

College dropout William Shands attended UF for Sports but eventually left to work in the fertilizer industry. Post the depression era, Shands created a marketing company which eventually catapulted him to become a Florida senator. With his resources he created a unique teaching hospital that is known for being one of the best in the country. Opening up a brand new $366 Million Dollar Cancer facility, Shands is continuing to do very important research that saves lives. We’ve decided to support with donation to the cause, looking to raise at least $500. We’re feeling so merry that in addition we’re running 12 straight days of social media giveaways, with even more on our live stream. Let’s get festive.

Retrogaming Stream Schedule

Each night at around 8pm EST, we will showcase that days giveaway live on Twitch. In addition to our 12 Days of Retrogaming Giveaways on social media, The Classic Gamer will be giving away even more games, consoles, and additional swag each night on Stream. Follow, share, like, subscribe, tweet, retweet and comment to get in on our “making it rain” minigames.

How it works:

retrogaming present

Giveaways will require you to share (5pts), comment (3pts), or like (1pt) that days giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+. All social media accounts will be factored into the random drawings, let’s get jolly. Here’s the game we will be streaming, givingaway, and the image to look for each day to get involved.

Social Giveaways

Mario Bros NES Giveaway
Mario Bros

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Giveaway

Super Mario World SNES Giveaway
Super Mario World

Mortal Kombat SNES Giveaway
Mortal Kombat

Tecmo Bowl NES Barry Sanders
Tecmo Bowl

Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Giveaway
Super Mario 3

Radiata Stories Giveaway PS2
Radiata Stories

Double Dragon II NES Giveaway
Double Dragon II

Nightmare on Elm Street NES Giveaway
Nightmare on Elm Street

Clayfighter Tournament Edition Giveaway
Clayfighter T.E.

12 Classic Games Plug N Play
PAC MAN Plug N Play

9 NES Games Giveaway
9 NES Games


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