Take the time bending mechanics of indie sensation Braid. Cross them with the gung ho action of Contra. Slap in some sick Atari 5200 graphics. Then take the frying pan from the “this is your brain on drugs” campaign and clobber your temporal lobe with it. And then you got Super Time Force Ultra for PS4!

Super Time Force Ultra | Mechanics

STFU is a run & gun (well mostly gun–sometimes boomerangs, electricity and mexibeam) action extravaganza that is light hearted as well as crazy. You are part of a special force that can time travel and shoot stuff. Although it’s a one player game, you can time travel through the parts of the level to even the odds by teaming up with your other team members or even an earlier version of yourself. You might save a life and gain a power up from teaming up. When you finish a level, you get a replay to see your team in action. Each major level has a one minute time limit, but with power ups and time travel, they will seem infinitely longer. Your only limit in the game other than needing to beat the time is that you can only travel back in time 30 times per level. This will only pose an issue a few times you play the game.

Super Time Force Ultra Weapons

Super Time Force Ultra | Team

Every time period you travel to will have some unlockable characters that might join your team. Sir Galahad from The Order 1886 will throw some lightning bolts the bad guys’ way, and the skateboarding dinosaur kid, well he will certainly do something, too. Your time travel commander is the epitome of a quick wit, emphasizing the power of time travel and industrial strength sarcasm. There are 19 characters total, with tons of Sony characters thrown in.

STFU Super Time Force Ultra Review

Super Time Force Ultra | Settings

The environments in STFU are fun, interactive, and very atmospheric–even to a pixelated graphical level of detail. The absurd missions will have you fight a huge poop monster, as well as dancing around on flying cars like Korbin Dallas from The Fifth Element. The levels have style and humor that you should just enjoy while you are along for the ride.

Super Time Force Ultra Fifth Element

Super Time Force Ultra | Review

With its furious jokes and the time travel rules of Spaceballs, you can’t go wrong when you have a commander in your corner that knows the future and tells you what to do while wearing two eye patches.

Super Time Force Ultra
3.5 out of 5

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