Year two of Destiny is shaping up to be the one full of critical successes that Bungie was hoping for when the epic online shooter originally launched September 2014. The recent release of Destiny the Taken King has made the game approachable for new players, and has streamlined a lot of activities in the game. Here is what we learned getting our feet wet in this amazing FPS the last couple of months.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #1 | Infusing Gear

Destiny Red Death Year two

Common gear appears as green drops, legendaries are purple, and exotics are yellow. With some higher rated similar gear, you can improve the rating of a legendary or exotic item at the cost of some resources including legendary marks or another broken down exotic item. Also, if you have a year one exotic, look in the Tower near the war room for the computer that allows you to upgrade to the year two version of your gear. Year one gear maxes out at much lower values.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #2 | Patrolling, Quests, Grinding, PvE

Destiny the Taken King Saturn Patrol

Once you have access to each of the planets and moons, patrolling them and taking on the quests from the beeping green beacons can be profitable when you are working on bounties, collecting items you need for upgrading/making gear, and chilling with your friends in a game. The harder and longer you grind, the better the results.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #3 | Subclasses & Skills

NightStalker Hunter Sub Class

As of right now, each class has three subclasses. The more you play a subclass, the more you level out all of its skills. Unlocking the full skill tree will enable you to modify your character to play how you would like, with access to the higher tier abilities. So we suggest sticking to maxing out one subclass before moving on to exploring a second one.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #4 | Legendary Marks

Destiny the Taken King Legendary Marks

Legendary Marks are a key component in buying legendary gear from vendors and upgrading most of the equipment you will be using. So, make sure you are productive in obtaining (or in some cases spending) legendary marks to level up your light level.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #5 | Xur & Strange Coins

Legendary Hung Jury Scout Rifle

On Fridays and Saturdays in the Tower, there is a strange man named Xur that sells exotics, mostly for a few strange coins, which seem to be widely rewarded since the Taken King has come out. Make sure you look around for him, as each week he pops up in a different spot.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #6 | Faction EXP

Destiny the Taken King Bounties

You should always be a member of a faction. A lot of your successes in missions and bounties will give you faction experience among other types. Being a part of a faction allows you to buy their higher end gear and other deals. While you can switch factions only once a week, you still maintain your leveled up standing with your previous ones should you choose to return to them in the future.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #7 | Tower & Reef Bounties

Destiny Weekly  Nightfall Bonus

Collecting bounties in the Tower and reef will allow you to build up your faction experiences and collect other bonuses at a quick rate while just enjoying the game the way you normally would play it. Don’t forget to cash these in immediately when you finish them so you can hold more. The stock of bounty givers usually are updated the end of each day.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #8 | Fireteam

Destiny the Taken King Choose Destination

Join forces with people you found you enjoyed playing with. Destiny is more fun with people you trust to stick out your missions with you, and are willing to take being killed in pvp to help you finish bounties and quests that award you special gear that would be almost impossible otherwise.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #9 | Strikes

Destiny Hung Jury Scope

Completing strikes can give you 30 or more legendary marks or other rewards you want each day. The harder the strikes you tackle, the better the gear you find.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #10 | Weekly Nightfall & Its Bonuses

The weekly Nightfall is a quest you do once a week that enables all other quests you undertake to give you +25% the benefits, and leads you to finding the phenomenal gear you seek.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #11 | Jump in @ Level 20!

Special delivery! If you are just joining this game with the Taken King expansion, see the post man for a once in a character’s lifetime ability to jump straight to level 20 with decent gear for playing PvE. This will allow you to quickly join your friends that have been long time players of Destiny that don’t really want to babysit you too many levels.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #12 | Choosing your Destinations

From aboard your ship, you will notice some suggested places you visit in the bottom left of the screen. This will become a go to resource for finding which PvP or PvE adventures yield the types of rewards you are looking for.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #13 | Year 1 Vs Year 2

As mentioned before, if you have a year one exotic go to the war room in the tower to learn what you need to manufacture the year two version of it. Year two versions mostly just offer an upgrade in the (light) level of the item.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #14 | Choosing you Gear & Modifiers

Knowing which attacks or skills your character will excel in will help you decide what modifiers you will be looking for in terms of strength, intelligence, and discipline. Knowing which exotics you will be working towards and how you want to play the game will make it easier to know which gear to upgrade and which gear to break down for parts.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #15 | PVP & PVP Balance

While PVP at the Crucible may be tough for a beginner to jump into, it can definitely be rewarding. Especially if you do it for the daily legendary marks and other rewards. A good thing to note is that the power level of all items is evened out for most PvP battles. So, you can focus on using the items with the best perks.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #16 | Destiny LFG

Check out if you are looking for a fireteam to do the strikes and raids with. Matchmaking is not provided for the raids.

Destiny the Taken King Tip #17 | Farming Boosts!

Lastly, look for items that enable you to guarantee better loot and use them on the hardest quests, strikes, and raids. The word is that even if it doesn’t work the first time-the more you use them, the more guaranteed it is the next one will yield a reward.

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