In a galaxy far, far away–but not too long ago–there was the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. A spectacle to behold, the newest iteration of this veteran warzone combat sim was out to impress. While being mostly candy for gamers, taking a look deeper into the core of the game shows some raw flaws we hope won’t be there when the game releases on November 17th, 2015. Let’s take a look under the hood of our X-Wing.

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Tatooine

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Review | Graphics

Taking the hyper realistic approach–Battlefront looks so real that when you are running around on Tatooine, you forget it’s Star Wars. The Beta showed us a desert setting and the ice planet Hoth. It would have been nice to see a more techie Star Wars backdrop. Players’ characters are animated flawlessly. The physics in character movement is just amazing to watch. Characters move at a great speed and possess good agility. You can see the inertia and momentum player characters have as they stop on a dime and point their weapons. Long gone are the days of jerky first-person shooter animations when players use their characters faster than the animations can show. Everything is amazingly fluid. Even the spaceships and huge walkers look perfectly in place as you play the game. Additional details to capture the universe of Star Wars such as the mission objectives being told to you via holographic communication makes the game have the definitive feel of what you would look for in a SW game.

Star Wars Battlefront Hoth Planet

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Review | Gameplay

Connecting the bridge between the original Battlefront games and this one, you have build outs to contend with as you prepare to spawn your character. The build outs in the single player campaign were much stronger than what was available in multi-player, and we wonder if that’s how it’s going to be in the finished game. We’re guessing you will get to really pour on the damage in the PVE side of the game, whereas the multiplayer combat will be focused more on balance. As per your usual first-person shooter, you will be leveling your account in Battlefront to unlock higher end gear that you can equip to your load out. Different types of items seem to be balanced by the refresh timer that they possess. You are not held back by searching for ammo crates, but more by the cooldowns of your gear. Being that the Beta had limited use of gear, it was hard to determine the variety of weapons and gameplay the build outs will lend to players. The boosters that launch you quickly across the map seem to be an interesting tool for creating positional advantage and just getting places faster.

There was a survival mode to play by yourself or with a friend and two multiplayer online modes available. One of them had you at a crash site on Tatooine, claiming pods as they crash down to the planet. The other was a major large scale battle on Hoth to protect bases from large Imperial walkers. The return of the champions like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on the battlefield made the battles seem more intense. The Imperial vehicles on Hoth are menacing to the Rebels and make the battle very invested for players on both sides.

Star Wars Battlefront Tatooine Survival Mode

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Review | Sound

That Star Wars music we are used to hearing is back and presented better than ever. Character actions onscreen seem to be well reflected by the mood of the music as it shifts during gameplay. Imperials that jump out on you during the survival missions frighten you for a moment. The sound they make is jarring as they yell and fire their weapons. When you are in close proximity to your team, you hear them exchange words that are very meaningful to the battle. Alerts sent to you over the coms by your commanding officers seem very inline with the Star Wars movies. The sound provides a huge source of tension to the gameplay.

Survival Mode on Tatooine

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions | Connection Issues

During the first three days of the beta, here is how the internet connection seemed to work for players. The first day we played was during the last day of closed beta–there were no issues. The second day was the first day of the public beta and we kept dropping from games. By day three of our forays into battle, our concerns were squelched as the connection issues were fixed. While playing online, we only had one hiccup. Otherwise, lag seemed non-existent. We were amazed how everything stayed in perfect synch.

Star Wars Battle of Hoth

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Review | Verdict

Star Wars Battlefront is an epic game with tons of turrets, ships, and other things to defend and do. We feel the beta was only a tiny glimpse at a much bigger game. We can only hope the variety in the game play is there and that build outs can be balanced. We’ll definitely be playing this again when it comes out!