Your current cellphone is a stronger computer than what they used to get a rocket on the moon. Why not play retro games on it? Square-Enix has released a few titles, allowing you to play some of my favorites like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, and Tomb Raider. Are they as good as the originals?

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana iOS Screenshot

After we posted a cool image of Secret of Mana, one of our followers on Google+ gave us the heads up that he had downloaded it on his phone. After mentioning that a majority of Squaresoft’s RPGs were available, I eagerly downloaded Secret of Mana and put 20 or so hours in since. Considering the convenience of playing Super Nintendo games on the go, the SupaGameboy has nothing on the ability to answer your text messages in between leveling up.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy iOS Screenshot

If you follow us on Facebook, we posted about how you could download the original Final Fantasy for free. With the Final Fantasy Portal App, you can play a long line of the fan favorite RPGs with a cost of around $7.99-$14.99 a piece. This is a great option if you’re interested in playing NES titles on the move, don’t have the system, or if you’re like me and enjoy walking around your kitchen in your underwear, making eggs, and playing retro games.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider iOS Screenshot

Lara Croft also makes an appearance in the titles you can enjoy on your phone, if you like tomb raiding. I have not tried this one out yet, but was thinking of someone I know that loves the series. You might also be interested in checking it out. I’ll have to get back to you on how it is.

Retrogaming Originals vs Retrogaming Remakes

With Secret of Mana, the big issue is being able to play with your friends. This is the biggest downfall of the remake. If there is a way of doing it, I am simply not sure how to set it up. One of the benefits of playing the remake include not getting stuck on the map. You are able to ditch your companion characters and still progress. Toggling between characters is easier because you select the exact character you want, instead of hitting the select button twice to toggle to the correct one.

Secret of Mana SNES iOS Comparison

Autosaves in quite a few places that you normally would need to go back to for a save point is really nice. I’ve already died to a boss and not needed to backtrack a half hour, which I enjoyed.

The D-pad is replaced with a zone sensor which actually plays very cleanly. I’ve noticed very few issues outside of occasionally dragging too far out of range.

Secret of Mana Controls

With physical copies of Secret of Mana being well over $50, the $7.99 price tag is appealing. This is a great option if you want to play the game without all of the needed legacy Super Nintendo equipment, but you end up playing the game solo. This takes a lot of the greatness away from what made Secret of Mana special on the SNES.

Secret of Mana Final Boss

Even though I like gaming with the old cartridges the most, I feel as if a lot of retrogames will be moving to app stores in the near future because of the low requirements in order to process the games. In light of cellphones quickly obsoleting other technologies around the house consistently, the ability for the game developers to make some new money on titles that have been often emulated is well deserved.

What are your thoughts about the future of retrogaming?

Secret Of Mana iOS Game