TERA Fate of Arun is not necessarily a new game but has recently gained some renewed interest from avid MMO gamers after a patch released in 2014. The patch not only raised the max level cap by five and added four new instances for those levels, but it also changed the actual name of the game. This finally laid this mouthful to rest: “The Exiled Realm of Arborea.” The first half of my review is written from my point of view as a new player. The second half of the review was just added, 3 months later, to reflect my perspective as a max level sorcerer. The gunner class was recently introduced, and the updated review shares my feelings on that class. Enjoy!

TERA Fate of Arun Max Level Sorcerer

TERA Fate of Arun | A Realm Reborn

As a freshly spawned sorcerer in Tera: Fate of Arun, I ventured into the Valley of Titans ready to throw some magic around only to be sidelined by the game mechanics. The starting zone, Island of Dawn, with its docile creatures and all–is structured perfectly for those of us who aren’t accustomed to the awkward combination of movement and camera control in this game. Moving my character involved pressing the “W” key while using the mouse to point the character in the right direction. Pressing any other directional key would turn the character but not the camera. Easy enough to understand and figure out, right? Let’s add in that the character’s two main skills are automatically configured to the mouse. For us avid gamers who have played World of Warcraft, ArcheAge, and Rift, this inability to click and drag the camera view around on the screen using the mouse is frustrating and results in pretty much every new player randomly firing off their skills. Good thing no one is flagged PvP until level 20, huh?

TERA Fate of Arun Screenshot

TERA Fate of Arun | Controls

Speaking of skills and PvP, a new player’s grasp of the movement/camera control plays a huge role in their success with combat against creatures and other players alike. The rest of the character skills can be hot-keyed to a reasonable sized hot bar at the risk of slower attack speed. With my sorcerer’s skills, I’ve found the option of chaining the skills creating a cascading effect of skills triggered by the space bar to be the best use of space on the ever-shrinking hot bar. Oh, silly me! I’ve moved on to talking about combat and skills when I haven’t even mentioned the best part of having your mouse directly linked to camera control. Yeah, you read that right—that whole sentence was dripping with sarcasm. It didn’t take long for me to notice I couldn’t click anything on the screen. The mouse is the camera… I move my mouse to the map at the bottom right, my character’s view turns 180 degrees! I have to press the “Alt” key in order to rescue my cursor. I see many mouse related rage-quits in my future.

TERA Fate of Arun | Gameplay Mechanics

Leveling in Tera follows the same structure as any other MMO where the players have a choice of grinding through quests or learning how to craft with various ores and plants gathered throughout the zones. The beginning quest chains are tedious back-and-forth messenger tasks that really left me wondering whether the NPCs’ feet were permanently attached to the ground. I especially found the quests requiring me to talk to the person standing literally meters away from the original quest giver to be a waste of time. Nevertheless, I powered through the monotony until I reached the next leveling zone where the quests were more spread out and required more combat allowing me to experiment with different skills.

TERA Looting System

Don’t forget to grab loose loot or you’ll miss out.

The quantity of character skills grew exponentially as I progressed through the lower levels until it became imperative I chain my skills together for lack of hot bar space. Chaining skills is a fairly simple procedure for the sorcerer class because there are few, if any, stipulations regarding what can and cannot be chained together. Having the right cascade effect does wonders in combat. Even though the sorcerer is technically a ranged class, I still found myself too close to the creatures and in constant need of skills that provided evasive movements while also maintaining consistent damage.

While combating mobs of various creatures in an attempt to complete quests, I found the loot system to be, for lack of a better word, odd. The majority of quest items are automatically picked up but the rest of the loot remains on the ground near the final resting place of the dead creature. An assortment of currency, potions, armor, weapons, and a plethora of random items fall from the creatures in Tera left to be picked up or neglected by questing players. If not picked up, the loot is left on the ground until the player leaves the vicinity which then gives other players (like me) the chance to pick it up themselves. I highly recommend spamming the “F” key to pick up all of your hard earned loot before running off to the next mob. Otherwise, another player will “help” you abstain from littering.

TERA Fate of Arun | Final Verdict

Overall, Tera: Fate of Arun is a beautiful game only worth playing if you need something to pass the time. The kinks can be overlooked after a few hours of gameplay, but they really make the game grueling.

TERA Fate of Arun
3.5 out of 5

TERA Fate of Arun | MAX Level Review Update

Having now reached the max level of 65 with my Sorcerer on Tera: Fate of Arun, I’d like to give an update to my original review of this game.

Max-leveled Sorcerer

Max-leveled Sorcerer

TERA Fate of Arun | Raids & Gear

I reached level 65 with renewed hope in the game. I have definitely become more confident in my ability to overcome most PvE opportunities when considering the awkward combat system. However, I found the endgame content biased towards guilds and lacking sustainability. The simple act of getting sufficient gear for a max-leveled character is extremely difficult without a guild that has players capable and willing to carry me through the level 65 dungeons for beginner gear. Completing the storyline quest that is supposed to detail the lore behind the game gives newly maxed players a decent set of Idoneal gear for most PvE occurrences and a fighting chance against unskilled PvP challengers. This set is the lowest tier of gear and not worth the trouble of questing. Thankfully, my guild helped me obtain the next tier higher in gear, Ambit. I quickly realized that not even the Ambit gear set was worth grinding for but would have to do until I could obtain Renegade gear.

Guild members in Guild Skycastle

To be clear, there are two paths of gear progression. The PvE intended gear path is: Idoneal, Ambit, Discovery, and Generation. Those players looking towards the PvP aspect of Tera should follow this path instead: Idoneal, Controvert, Defiance, and Renegade. While I do not consider myself a PvP gamer, the server my characters are residing on is PvP oriented and only PvP gear will protect me from the players who would rather kill me when I’m busy fighting or gathering than ask me for a fair duel.

Ambit (me) and Defiance (catalyn)

TERA Fate of Arun | Gunner PvP & PKing

Speaking of PvP and PKing, Tera released a new mid-range class on May 5th of this year called Gunner. The new class brought along stunning combat animations and also many complaints from veteran players. These complaints centered on the overpowered skills the Gunner class possesses which makes it deadly to all levels, even maxed level characters. I know I’m a fresh 65 with barely good enough gear to dungeon in but I find it horrific that a level 30 Gunner can take my Sorcerer down with ease. Enmasse has heard the many complaints from the gaming community about the Gunner class and will be taking steps to even the playing field in an upcoming patch that is also said to contain a new set of max level gear.

gunner combat animation

TERA Fate of Arun | Gear Set Locations

Some readers may be wondering, “Where do I get these gear sets?” The Idoneal gear set is from completing the storyline quests signified with red markers. Ambit can be obtained from the dungeon Bathysmal Rise Normal Mode while the Discovery gear set is obtained from the Hard Mode. Discovery gear is needed in order to obtain Generation gear which is a crafted set, recipes for crafting this set can be picked up in Bathysmal Rise Hard Mode and Elkara’s Airship Hard Mode. The Controvert gear set can be bought with points earned from battlegrounds and completing Vanguard dailies. Defiance gear recipes can be bought with Killing Spree points earned from battlegrounds. This gear set is needed in order to craft Renegade gear. For players like me who lean more towards PvE but play on a PvP server, I recommend having a combination of, at least, Discovery chest and weapon with either Defiance or Renegade gloves and boots.

TERA Fate of Arun | Updated Rating Score

Tera has too much emphasis on guilds for casual players to enjoy the game. PKing is also a huge problem since endgame content is extremely lacking causing veteran players to grief lowbies due to sheer boredom. The game rating score remains the same, 3.5 out of 5.