TCG’s Splatoon review is here to help you decide of you want the game, or if it’s time to get that Wii U! Read on for our impressions of the Splatoon demo in case you missed it. The Classic Gamer had a huge bash release night, May 29th, and we will be showcasing media from that party right here. Is Splatoon Nintendo’s secret weapon for 2015? Read on to find out!

Splatoon Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Review Game

Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Review | Basic Game Info

The online multiplayer and single player version of Splatoon is a third-person paint shooting turf war. Your goal is to literally make the entire level your color by using various paint weapons which include ink rockets, ink tornado launchers, grenades, sprinklers, paint rollers, paint brushes, sniper rifles and more. Your character is considered an inkling–you are either a squid-like creature or take on a humanoid shape through out the game. Through the turf you have already splattered paint, you can turn into the flat squid creature and have twice the normal movement speed, which can make positioning yourself for combat and traversing the map fun. When you engage the opponent you splatter them with paint using your weapons until they are forced to respawn at the their respective entrance to the splat zone.

Local multiplayer for Splatoon is done with one player on the Wii U Game Pad and another on the regular video output. Unfortunately, you can only have two players on the same system. More information on how the game plays can be in Pizzapality’s Splatoon review of the demo below and after this Friday right on this page in our final Splatoon review of the full game.

Splatoon Nintendo Wii U Review

Want to upgrade your squid? As your character level ups in the game, you unlock new gear in the marketplace of Splatoon, Inkopolis. See the Splatoon guide in the video below to find out the fine details of weaponry and gear upgrades, as well as more info about how to play.

Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Review | Gameplay Video Tutorial

Here is a the official Nintendo Splatoon Beginner Guide to get you prepared for getting into the game!

Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Review | The Classic Gamer Launch Event

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Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Review | Demo Review by Pizzapality

Splatoon Demo Review by Pizzapality

When I loaded up the Splatoon Global Testfire on Friday, May 8th, I wasn’t expecting to play much of the game. I was expecting to hit a lot of capacity barriers and connectivity issues–-this was a much-anticipated game. Tons of people were going to be connected to their Wii U to play it, so I wasn’t really thinking I would get on to play immediately, if at all. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. The demo sent me into a little training area at first, where I could learn and review all the game mechanics. I felt it was a good way for everyone to at least play some of the game without having to worry about being dropped due to lag or server capacity issues. In no time at all, I was up and running in Turf Wars without any hassle from the server.

Splatoon Wii U Console

The first thing I noticed about Splatoon was the visual design. The characters, the settings, the weapons, the ink–-everything was go brightly colored and beautiful to look at. It made me excited to choose the Inkling I was going to play as (the female–-come on, she’s too sassy) and which gun I was going to pick. Though options were very limited in the Global Testfire, the Inkling accessories were still rather diverse. I was always happy to see different ones on another player, such as headphones or goggles. The visual style of the game is cute but still portrays an aggressive and competitive atmosphere. The clothes they wear, the way they stand, and even the fact that they aren’t shooting bullets-but ink-make the game uncharacteristic of a modern-day shooter. This gave the game a dynamic that should appeal across a wide range of audiences. I know I’m not a fan of shooting games, but Splatoon easily attracted and kept my attention. Splatoon‘s characters show personality aside from just being a character in a video game. That appealed to me. I wanted to play more because of the little dance my character did when they won, or how the fat spotted cat would wave the flag at the end. Visual style means a lot in a game, and I believe that Splatoon’s style is interesting and customizable enough to have people coming back long after its release date.

Splatoon Review

When I was playing Splatoon, the controls came natural to me. Yes, even the motion controls. Moving around was fluid and easy, and I never really felt like the Wii U Gamepad’s motion controls had me over or undershooting the spot that I was aiming for. The controls were snappy and easy to get used to, and overall everything just felt really… fun. Before I was even loaded into a Turf War, I felt good shooting ink, swimming up walls, and falling through grates. The transition into multiplayer was natural after I finished the tutorial. I was confident with my understanding of how to play and the game had given me the exact amount of information I needed. The game was patient with me, and because of that, I felt ready going into it. That’s important with games, I think. Giving the player time to explore a world and get used to the controls you offer in a game doesn’t make the player feel cheated or rushed. This is especially true when you’re playing a game that’s primarily going to be played multi-player. The Splatoon dev team wanted to make sure a player knows exactly what to do.

Prima Games Splatoon Guide Wii U

As for multiplayer, I had the most fun with the Splattershot Jr gun. It was fast-firing and I could spray ink where I needed to. It was much easier to spray ink with the Splattershot Jr than its larger brother, the Splattershot. It seemed like I had more speed and mobility than the Roller and Charge weapons. I didn’t try too many of the subweapons, such as the bombs. They just didn’t come to me intuitively when I tried to use them. I was too busy dodging bullets or covering ground than to use a subweapon. They almost seemed unnecessary. Perhaps when all of the content is released this Friday, players will find subweapons more useful. The ultimate attacks, such as the Bomb Rush and Bubbler shield were really good as game finishers as well as attacks. The extra ink coverage you gain from throwing out a ton of bombs really helps sway a match in your favor in the final seconds of a Turf War, and the Bubbler shield would maybe secure you an extra kill and earn you some extra points before time runs out.


Overall, Splatoon is shaping up to be a really awesome game. This is something new and interesting from Nintendo that I think will bring a lot of new faces and different types of players to the console. Hopefully, when we see its final release on 5/29 for our full Splatoon review, it’ll be everything that the Global Testfires had to offer and more.

5 out of 5

Nintendo Wii U Splatoon Review | Final Review Score

We will post our final review scores with additional reviews and guides after the game releases this Friday! Stay tuned and follow The Classic Gamer on all social platforms to stay in the loop!

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