In Mortal Kombat X, the Jason Voorhees DLC & Horror Pack Skins DLC are now available to pass holders of the $29.99 Kombat Pack. This MKX Jason Voorhees guide will explore the moveset, combos, and strategy of one of the most prolific cinematic killers in history. From brutalities to fatalities, you’ll be a supernatural force to be reckoned with.

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Character Introduction

In the Friday the 13th movies, Jason Voorhees died as a child. His mother donned the hockey mask and killed in her son’s name. After the first movie, Jason himself becomes the unstoppable character we know and fear in the sequels. Jason is known as a silent, brutal slasher and for just not going down. As a relentless immortal killer, he makes a great addition to the Mortal Kombat X cast.

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Mortal Kombat X DLC Overview

Here are all the ways you can acquire Jason Voorhees for your copy of Mortal Kombat X.

MKX Jason Voorhees DLC & Horror Pack DLC Skins: Free if you purchased the Kombat Pack ($29.99) & available NOW.

This is the best way to acquire the character if you plan on maximizing your Mortal Kombat X experience.

Horror Pack Skins + Jason Voorhees DLC: $8 on May 12th, 2015

With the Jason Voorhees DLC character, the following skins are included in the Horror Pack: Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile, & Pharaoh Ermac.

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees DLC Character only: $5 on May 12th, 2015

If you really only care about the DLC characters and not the skins, this may be the way to go for you.

Mortal Kombat X Horror Pack DLC, Skins Only: $4 on May 12th, 2015

Don’t really want Jason? Here is how to grab a few really cool horror-themed skins for some popular characters.

Mortal Kombat X Controls

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Slasher Jason Moveset

Here are the key kombos & specials to laying the enemy to waste with the machete. Killing Machine is a handy tool for Slasher Jason. Please see the image of the PS4 & XBox One controllers above for how the controls are explained in this guide. As a reminder, to perform the enhanced version of throws and special moves, you tap the block button at the same time you press the last button when executing the move. Typically, and especially with Jason, enhanced moves give you ‘armor’ where you can absorb a hit or two before the enhanced special move fails. Enhanced moves also have greater damage output than normal moves. Enhanced moves require one-third of your super meter to execute.

Brooding | Command Combo With Mix Ups & Launcher

To perform: Forward + 4, 2.

This two-hit Slasher-only command combo hits low then overhead. This means the opponent has to block the first attack by ducking and the second attack by standing. The combo is also a launcher that sets up combos better than most launchers Jason possesses (and he has a ton). The first hit seems to be readable if you use this combo a lot. So if you notice your opponent ducking prematurely, you might want to go in with an overhead attack such as forward + 2.

Machete Launch | Command Combo With Launcher

To perform: Back + 1, 2, 2.

This three hit launcher is great and can be used interchangeably with Brooding in combos. Machete launch has a much faster start up, but lacks in the mix up department.

Drowning | Command Combo With Launcher

To perform: 3, 2, up + 1.

This launcher works across all versions of Jason. So, while it pales in comparison to the machete launchers, it might be a combo you want to build upon if you are going to play the other variations of Jason.

Shoulder Push | Temple Punch

To perform: Back, forward, 3.

This charging attack is good for getting in your opponent’s face. Enhancing the move by tapping block while you tap the 3 button will use one portion of your super meter and do a little extra damage as you smash your opponent’s head into the ground. Performing this move on wake-up (while your character is getting off the ground from laying down) will allow you to deal with a lot of enemies who take advantage of zoning their opponents or spamming command combos that abuse low-high mix ups (such as Cassie Cage’s Kick Abuse or Jason’s Brooding). The enhanced version will allow you to get through certain tough situations with projectiles. Works differently on variations of Jason.


To perform: Down, forward, 1.

This grab special is amazing with Jason mostly because it combos so well with its great reach. For the most part, you don’t really need to enhance specials with Jason to get significant damage add-ons with combos. At the end of long combo strings where damage is dropping off dramatically, I’ve seen enhanced moves actually do less damage than their regular special move counterparts.

Machete Toss

To perform: Down, back, 2.

This handy projectile can’t be ducked, does significant damage, and can be reliably comboable. The enhanced version is significantly more damaging.

Psycho Slash

To perform: Back, forward, 2.

This slash attack has a learning curve to add to combos. However, the enhanced version is crazily satisfying to watch with significant damage output.

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Relentless Jason Moveset

Lake Mist & Pursuit are exclusive to this variation of Jason.

Shoulder Smash | Command Combo

To execute: 1, 1, 1.

While simple and not very tricky to block, this command combo is a great combo ender that can cancel at any point into a special move. With Jason’s various grab specials, this combo is gold.

Awakens | Command Combo with Launcher

To perform: Back + 1, 2, 2.

Useful mid-juggle.

Camp Killer | Command Combo ending with a Grab

To perform: Forward + 2, 1 + 3.

Useful for getting in your opponents face and making that damage happen.

Final Friday | Command Combo ending with a Grab

To perform: Back + 3, 1 + 3.

Sometimes you need to do things like this to punish the enemy and get some fast damage.

Corpse Grab | Anti-Air Grab Special

Down, back, 1.

Works with relentless and unstoppable variations. Can be used to end a juggle combo. A good anti-air attack.

Tight Squeeze | Throw Special

To perform: Down, back, forward, 2.

Works with relentless and unstoppable variations.

Choke | Throw Special

Down, Forward, 1.

Works with relentless and unstoppable variations.

Back Breaker | Throw Special

Down, back, forward, 1.

Works with relentless and unstoppable variations.

Killing Machine

To perform: Down, down, 4.

You enter a mode where you still take damage, but hits do not otherwise effect you. You can not jump, and your character falls asleep for a moment once the duration ends. Works great with Pursuit and Lake Mist. An X-Ray is your worst enemy in this mode.


To perform: Down, down, 3.

The screen turns red and your enemy’s controls become jumbled for a short period. They also can’t run. This lasts for only a short time or until you get hit. If you have used lake mist a few times to sneak up behind a waking up opponent, it might be good to throw this into the mix to really horrify them. Using Killing Machine, Pursuit, & Lake Mist effectively seems like an art form.

Lake Mist

To perform: Down, back, 2.

This teleport works exclusively with this variation of the character. It’s best purpose, aside from avoiding ranged spam, is in tandem with Killing Machine to close the gap against a highly mobile opponent. This teleport has no combo value, but can be a great punisher versus ranged kombatants, setting up a combo.

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Unstoppable Jason Moveset

In addition to the general moveset described in Relentless Jason, here are the specials exclusive to this version.


To perform: run out of life!

The first time you run out of life in a round, you come back to life with about 5% life and an additional 5% for each bar of special meter you had when you were knocked out. This will trigger every round Jason runs out of life meter.


To perform: Down, down, 3.

Your damage output increases for a short period of time. Even more damage output when enhanced.


To perform: Down, down, 4.

You gradually regain life for a short period of time. Faster when enhanced.

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Mortal Kombat X Jason Finishers

Sleeping Bag Killer


To perform: Down, back, forward + 4 + Block(from halfway across screen).

A fatality that is both horrifying and illogical, this finisher seems like a homage to the crazy physics-defying kills from low budget horror cinema.

Kill For Mother

To perform: Down, forward, down, forward, 2.(from halfway across the screen).

Your opponent’s face becomes the dictionary definition of fear, and then pain.

Brutality | Blunt Trauma | All Variations

To Perform: Back, forward + 3 + Block. Must win both rounds.

Brutality | Go to Hell | All Variations

To Perform: Must perform X-Ray and take a few steps before it connects.

Brutality | Blood Bath | Slasher Variation

To Perform: Down, back + 1 + Block. Hold up while last hit connects.

Brutality | Head Spin | Relentless Variation

To Perform: Have pursuit active then down, back, forward + 2 + Block.

Brutality | Spinal Tap | Unstoppable Variation

To Perform: be resurrected in the final round, then either down, back, forward, 1 or down, back, forward, 1 + Block.


MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Mortal Kombat X Jason Combos

Relentless / Unstoppable Jason | 14-Hit 32% Midscreen Meterless Combo

To Perform: Jump forward with 2, Drowning Command Combo (3, 2, up + 1), Awakens Command Combo (Back + 1, 2, 2), Nightmare Command Combo (1,1) canceled into Choke (Down, forward, 1).

Slasher Jason | 13-Hit 36% Midscreen Meterless Combo

To Perform: Jump forward with 2, Brooding Command Combo (forward + 4, 2), jump straight up, 2 mid-air, Brooding Command Combo (forward + 4, 2), Shoulder Smash Command Combo (1,1,1), Bloodshed (Down, forward, 1).

For even more combos, see the Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Combos/Moveset video near the top of this page.

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Mortal Kombat X Jason Strategy

The Killing Machine Meta-Game

Maximizing the use of killing machine to not take damage when it wears off is an art form a dedicated Relentless Jason player should learn. Using it in conjunction with Pursuit or Lake Mist can help guarantee you a good combo, grab, or even an X-Ray.

Launcher Command Combos FTW

With so many launchers at your disposal, you are doing a disservice to yourself if you do not practice juggle kombos in practice mode. There are slight launchers like Relentless/Unstoppable’s Back +1, 2, 2, single hit launchers like Back + 2, and crazy launchers like Slasher Jason’s Brooding (Forward + 4, 2).

The Variations are Variable

All of the variations have distinct play styles and different strategies. Slasher Jason is an in-your-face combo fiend, Relentless Jason is a stalking assassin, and Unstoppable Jason is a thug. Adjust your play-style accordingly. With the slasher variation, you need to be looking at frame advantage, mix ups, and combo links. With Relentless, you need to guarantee yourself damage and situational authority or you will get punished when you fall asleep as the killing machine ends or while initiating your pursuit mode. As the Unstoppable, you need to use every transition to regenerate life or increase your damage when possible.

Which variation should I use?

The slasher variation seems to be the easiest to get some damage with. And you get a projectile. The others seem more thematic and less practical, unless you spend tons of time perfecting their nuances. Ultimately, play the game the way you want to play it.

MKX Horror Pack Skins DLC

MKX Jason Voorhees Guide | Mortal Kombat X Horror Pack DLC Review

I found Jason to be extremely unique in terms of offering several distinct play-styles that I will have fun playing with and learning. The skins included in the horror pack– Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile, & Pharaoh Ermac–were surprisingly distinctive from their normal skins as well as incredibly aesthetic. If you are enjoying MKX, you need this (and probably all) DLC to make your experience with the game even better.

Mortal Kombat X Horror Pack DLC
5 out of 5

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Variable spelling of Jason Voorhees found on the web: Jason Voorhies, Jason Vorhees, Jason Vorhies, Jason Vorhes, Jason Voorhes.