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Evolve Big Alpha, Markov the Assault Hunter, let’s go. In the Evolve Big Alpha, I found out a few ways to engineer combos for massive damage with Markov the Assault Hunter and never looked back. In addition to a character spotlight review, rating, and strategy guide, you will find my review of the whole Evolve Big Alpha experience. Before we get started, The Classic Gamer website is giving away 5 copies of Evolve when is comes out. If you want in, read below.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Character Biography

Assault Hunter Guide Markov Strategy

When played correctly, the cyborg Markov can tank or DPS in just about any situation. The man from mars, Markov the Assault Hunter just wants the glory of battling big monsters. The two electric tanks on his back let you know he’s willing to increase the risk to increase the reward. A war machine bent on dealing, avoiding, and taking a ton of damage-Markov does work. How? Let’s take a look into the arsenal you’re wielding.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Abilities Video


Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Abilities

Markov’s abilities are configured for the highest damage-per-second, or DPS, in the game. He has the most powerful gun, highly damaging traps, temporary invincibility, and a secondary weapon for when the amazing Lightning Gun needs to recharge.

Assault Hunter Guide Markov Lightning Gun

Lightning Gun

Being the highest DPS hunter, your team will rely on you to get up close and personal with the beast. Once you close the gap, ride the lighting to the bank. One of the nicer elements to the weapon is the close range homing it has. Unlike the other projectile weapons, the lightning gun will still shock enemies you’re not directly aiming at. This is one of the strongest weapons in the game and should be used at any point in time you can connect with the beast. I really liked being able to jump to use the jet pack while avoiding damage and connecting with Lightning Gun. It allows you to get in there for last ditch damage situations. Although it’s great for clearing wildlife, you are making it easier for the beast to feed. The Lightning Gun chains hits between enemy mobs in close proximity increasing your DPS. You will be able to connect with the Lightning Gun for 10 seconds before you need to recharge for 10 seconds. Once you’ve exhausted the lightning gun and start recharging, switch to the Assault Rifle.

Evolve Markov Guide Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle

As your run and gun weapon weapon alternative, the Assault Rifle is nice. It causes a lot of attention with the rapid hits, noise, and visual bursts. As the tank or DPS in the hunter party, this is good because the team wants the monster attacking us and not the medic. It is also great for clearing terrain, killing random wildlife on the map, and it doesn’t hurt that it sprays a long range. You’re going to be switching back and forth between this and the lightning gun for most of the battle. Usually when the trapper has laid down the mobile arena, we are able to start using our other abilities more frequently.

Evolve Assault Hunter Guide Land Mines

Land Mines

My personal favorite, using the Land Mines requires a bit of plotting but have a huge upside. You can only lay up to five at a time. If you choose to lay a sixth land mine, the first one gets yanked off the map. There are several cool tactics with the mines, and in one of my games I did around 10,000 in mine damage. Mind you, at the time I was not the refined artillery unit that I will end up being in the release version of the game. Here is how I maxed out the mines:

  • Step 1 | Drop five mines in a preferably grassy area once you’ve tracked down the beast.
  • Step 2 | Shoot the beast from a distance with your Assault Rifle.
  • Step 3 | If the beast throws a projectile, jet pack and repeat step 2.
  • Step 4 | Once the beast is confronting you in your mine field, activate your Personal Shield.
  • Step 5 | Use the Lightning Gun to add crazy DPS on top of the five mines going off.
  • Step 6 | If the Lighting Gun runs out, switch to the Assault Rifle.

Any projectile that the monster throws at you will destroy your mines, so you have to get him to focus on you and run him through your trap. If executed properly you will hit for massive damage with the Land Mines. This is not as successful against the Kraken due to his glide and more aerial approach. You should check out the Evolve Alpha | Kraken Strategy Guide, Review, and Rating by fellow writer GTVSlayer if your interested in learning more about this beast.

Evolve Hunter Guide Assault Personal Shield

Personal Shield | Invincibility

Activating this ability when the monster or an elite wildlife gets in your face should almost be a reflex. Don’t even look to see if you have it, just press it. When trying to avoid damage from projectiles, I recommend using the jet pack as your primary escape route, then the Personal Shield second. Once your invincibility is running out, jetpack out of there if you’re at low health or sans medic. The personal shield lasts for 10 seconds and you will need another 30 seconds to pass before getting to use it again.

Evolve Assault Guide Jet Pack

Jet Pack

The best ability in the game to me, while not techincally an “ability” in Evolve, is the jetpack. It increases your tracking capabilities, gives you speed bursts, and allows you to dodge flaming boulders. I really like how easy it is to control the jetpack in this game and really rely on mashing it frequently. Because of how much I like spamming jetpack, I almost always choose a perk allowing its more frequent use. When one monster can fly and the other can move around the bushes in stealth, you want to be up in the air.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Unlockables & Upgrades

Evolve Assault Hyde Unlocked

I unlocked Hyde, another Assault Hunter in Evolve, through dealing a specified amount of damage with each of Markov’s weapons. The steps to unlock Hyde might and probably will change before the game’s release. In the Evolve Big Alpha, players were rewarded with unlockables such as new hunters, monsters, perks, and skins–as well as permanent account damage boosts–by experimenting with the various hunters and monsters.

I watched as GtVSlayer tried Hyde out. His flamethrower has awesome animation, damage potential. and quite effective at very close range. It can be compared to the Lightning Gun. Hyde’s Mini-Gun takes the place of the Assault Rifle, area-of-effect poison Grenades replace the mines, and you still have the Personal Shield/invincibility. He looks pretty cool visually. His Flamethrower and Grenades are more effective against the Kraken than Markov’s arsenal.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Strategy

[Strategy video goes here]

As the DPS or tank in the hunter party, you are going to want to be aggressive with the monster. From longer ranges, the Assault Rifle is your best friend. When you’re in close proximity with the monster, you should be using your Lightning Gun. Dropping Land Mines is great if you are in areas with thick terrain or in close proximity with the monster. Using your Personal Shield for invincibility makes you a pseudo tank for a short period of time, especially if you’ve got a healer around.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Movement

Evolve Hunter Jet Pack

Although a little slower, using your jet pack for value is key. Flying up to higher vantage points, crossing canyons, and jetting past nasty terrain will allow you to avoid a lot of problematic situations.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Tracking the Monster

Evolve Assault Hunter Tracking Strategy Guide

Getting to high ground is very important in this game. Aside from the monster scaring birds, tracks are often displayed when the beast is not in stealth mode. In addition, the trapper’s dog-thing has a nose for the beasts. I would follow it if you see it bolt in an odd direction or gets wild, insisting you trust it.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Assault Vs Goliath

[markov vs goliath video]

Land Mines are phenomenal due to the Goliath’s ground based abilities Charge and Leap Attack. Drop five in your area and gun him down from long ranges with the assault rifle. Once he’s close, switch to the Lightning Gun and you both will be shocked at how much damage it does. As I mentioned earlier, I did almost 10k in damage in one round with the mines and an unrefined strategy. Save your jet pack for avoiding rocks and the Goliath’s abilities. Be sure to raise your Personal Shield only when you will have the most damage focused on you.

Markov the Assault Hunter Guide | Assault Vs Kraken

[makov vs kraken video]

Things are a little different against The Kraken. Due to its ability to float and glide, use the assault rifle when it’s in the air. The lightning gun is okay for close quarters and your mines are often irrelevant. As a result, I like focusing on solid assault rifle gun play while employing the jet pack. Then I will make use of the personal shield and lightning gun if I can get it in close quarters. If your opposing Kraken player is good, you will really need to use your jet pack well to avoid taking damage from its projectiles and point blank After Shock ability. In the Evolve Big Alpha, the Kraken was said to be overpowered because it can spam abilities late game. Therefore, you want to play very aggressively early and rush to bring the weakened early game Kraken down. After two evolves, the Kraken is harnessing crazy damage across multiple abilities.

Markov Assault Hunter Guide | Character Rating

Markov the Assault Hunter Rating

He’s phenomenal against the Goliath (4.5) but weak against the Kraken (2.5). Markov’s high damage output makes him an above average hunter. With a good team that can trap the monster, heal, and shield for Markov, his rating score is even higher.

3.5 out of 5
Thomas Hake

Evolve Big Alpha Review | Overall Rating

Personally, I had a lot of fun with this game. Albeit limited, I do feel the urge to play this game when it comes out. It was extremely disappointing that the game seemed like “Waiting Room Simulator 2014” as TCG contributing writer Ryan Burk so eloquently put it. The loading times were horrible. We streamed quite a few nights. Many of the games seemed nearly impossible when an ineffective bot took the place of a dropped player. Also, if a player lost connection or froze, their character would instantly kill the hunters’ chances of winning the game if it happened at a key point in the game. Players joining a game late in a match seemed to have very little, if any, effect on the game because of where on the map they started or lack of timing. It also felt kind of like you’d been cheated a little when you would join a game in its final seconds to literally offer nothing and then lose out on your first, second, or third character choice for the next round. Other than that, the game had tight game play, good maps, and beautiful aesthetics. With all the early issues I encountered in both game design and function I could not rate it higher than a…

3.5 out of 5

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