Looking for a game to challenge even the most moral of moral? Then look no further than Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season One and Two! Both seasons have an amazing story that you mold through your decisions, good or bad. Each choice will determine the direction of your story and affect the lives of the characters around you.

The Walking Dead Game | Game Play Video

This is Lady Orange playing The Walking Dead Game by Telltale Games.

The Walking Dead Game: Season One | Review

The main characters are sure to tug on your heart strings one by one, picking you up and pulling you down.  What I loved most about the first season was the father/daughter relationship dynamic between our two main characters, Lee and Clementine. You get to decide how you help Clem “grow up” in a post-apocalyptic setting, while trying to survive by whatever means. The story literally drives you through the hardships one must face in the zombie infested world the characters live in. The pace of the game is a bit slow starting from the beginning. The puzzles keep you guessing and rubbing your head in confusion. Once you have solved a few, the pace improves. This more than makes up for any of the down time because you will then realize it is all part of the plan. Intense with emotion, season one was brilliantly done and leaves you waiting for season two!

The Walking Dead Clem Cosplay

How do you think Lady Orange did on her Clem cosplay?

The Walking Dead Game: Season Two | Review

In the second season, we get to take a closer look at Clementine. Be warned, Clementine is no baby. She has grown up and makes a more interesting main character. The gameplay and style of this season is outright fantastic. This season is more gruesome and so much more heartless. You literally have to do it all! Unlike the first season where much of the game play is point and click, the second season is much more interactive. From lighting your own fire to even helping your friends re-bandage, you will be totally immersed in the world that much more. This season you meet new characters and have to survive in a whole new way, trusting no one. Much like the first season, there are puzzles and some down time. However, I felt that the season two episodes moved a bit fast compared to the first season. There are shocks and surprises around every corner that are sure to satisfy all types of players.

Along with a wonderful story, the art and music in this game is awesome! The game itself has its own unique style. The game has a comic book feel. You can tell the artists wanted the characters and scenery to… well… come to life. The soundtrack is perfect at evoking your emotions through suspenseful moments. This is especially noticeable during the credits after each chapter. There are ten in total between one and two. They will have you sitting in contemplation over your decisions.

Rob Reep Art Headache The Walking Dead

See more comic artwork by Rob Reep Art.

The Walking Dead Game: Seasons One & Two | Rating

This game gets a 5 out of 5 for its story, gameplay and soundtrack.  The Walking Dead Game is amazing! Although the endings are more or less the same for everyone, the decisions you make create your own unique path and story. Gear up! Grab your weapon of choice and try to survive The Walking Dead Game.