Hey Street Fighter fans. Today we are looking at everything Decapre for Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Throughout my SF adventures, I’ve mained mostly Guile. I’ve come to appreciate charge characters since Guile can employ a safe defensive strategy. Learning Decapre has shown me that charge characters can be extremely aggressive. The increased speed and mind games you have in your arsenal are eye opening. I hope you enjoy this guide and that it improves your game.

Decapre | Introduction

In the Street Fighter story, Decapre is one of M. Bison’s dolls–an enhanced, mind-controlled clone that does his bidding. She looks like Cammy, and in fact, she shares most of Cammy’s core move set.

Decapre is all about mix ups, applying pressure, and timing. Being a character with two charge moves, this makes controlling and executing special moves with Decapre uniquely strategic. With a weak counterattack system, you will be forced into playing a controlling role, using your opponents’ knowledge of your move set against them when you change up your pattern.

Focus Canceling to increase combo potential and performing air throws are mandatory to be highly competitive with Decapre.

Decapre | Special Moves

If you have any trouble reading how to execute the moves in this section, please see performing the moves near the bottom of the article.

Psycho Sting

Decapre Psycho Sting

To execute: charge the downward direction for one second, then press upward and any punch button. The EX version (ie, performing the move with two punch buttons while using 25% of your super meter to fuel it) gives some frames of invincibility where hits on you while performing those frames will have no effect.


Scramble Low Kick

To execute: Charge backwards for one second, then press forward plus any kick. See conditions below for the three variations.

Scramble with Light Kick button.

Executing Scramble using the Light Kick button:
After a small start-up animation, you glide forward along the ground phased (like an Evil Ryu or Akuma teleport) until you augment your scramble with a button press or by just stopping after reaching your opponent’s horizontal position on the screen, even if they are in the air. You’ll want to use your button push before this happens, as most of the follow up button presses are better than doing nothing. You can also perform the EX version of this scramble by using the light and medium kick buttons to initiate it. See directly below for follow-up button presses.

Moves that can be executed during a light kick Scramble: (performed simply by pressing the corresponding button during the scramble)
Light Kick / Medium Kick / Heavy Kick: Razor Edge Slicer – hits like a hard knock down foot sweep. You glide forward on the ground as you execute it. It is great for avoiding projectile attacks.
Light Punch: You move backward, away from your opponent, without performing any attack.
Medium Punch: Stop the scramble instantly.
Heavy Punch: turns you invisible, extending the distance you travel by a fixed amount from your current location, even allowing you to teleport to the other side of your opponent. No attack is made.
EX Version: If you connect the kick, you will also do a throw after the knockdown, more than doubling the damage and dizzy factor of the attack.

Decapre EX Scramble Low

Scramble with Medium or Heavy Kick buttons.

Executing Scramble using the Medium or Heavy Kick button:
After a small animation, you glide into the air at an angle: about 40 degrees with the medium kick button, or 60 degrees using the heavy kick button. Medium kick covers about two-thirds of the screen while heavy kick covers only a third. The EX version can be initiated with the medium and heavy kick buttons. Pressing an attack button before reaching your destination executes a specific follow-up move. If you do not execute any moves before finishing the scramble, your mid-air trajectory turns into that of a normal jump–changing your mid-air repertoire of button presses into the normal move set. For button presses you can do during the medium kick and heavy kick scramble, see directly below.

Moves that can be executed during a medium/heavy kick Scramble: (performed simply by pressing the corresponding button during the scramble)
Light Kick / Medium Kick / Heavy Kick: Cannon Strike – You do a diagonal dive kick similar to Cammy’s. It has great potential for combo set up as it’s attack stun is good. If you connect while being too high in the air, you risk a huge counter attack.
Light Punch: You reverse the movement back to where you initiated the move without attacking.
Medium Punch: you instantly change your trajectory to straight down, landing, punching the ground but with no damage or hit potential.
Heavy Punch: you instantly change your trajectory to straight down, landing with an area of effect ground pound punch to the ground causing your opponent to get hit into the air a small distance if the area of effect connects and they are not blocking high.
EX Version: you perform the heavy punch variation of ground punch but it causes more juggle potential when the opponent is launched. A good follow-up example is Decapre’s aerial DCM.

Rapid Dagger

Decapre Rapid Dagger

To execute: Tap any punch button rapidly.
Run forward while quickly doing stabbing attacks with Decapre. The regular version is not very safe on block concerning spinning piledriver-type counter attacks, but the ex version is safe if you follow up appropriately.

Spiral Arrow

Decapre Spiral Arrow

To execute: charge backward for one second and then while mid air, press forward and any Kick button. It resembles Cammy’s Cannon Drill.

Decapre | Super & Ultra Moves

Super Move | Strafe Dagger

To execute: Charge backwards for a second, then press forward, backwards, forwards and any punch button. This requires your super meter to be filled, goes through projectiles, and is best inserted into a combo after Rapid Dagger.

Ultra Combo 1 | Psycho Stream

To execute: While your ultra meter is filled, charge backwards for a second, then press forward, backwards, then forward plus all three punch buttons. It sends out a really big slow moving projectile that is very hard to jump over. It is best when used in conjunction with a sneaky set-up to trick the opponent to not blocking it, or simply as an aerial counter. It has slow start up and offers no invincibility, so be careful launching it at close range.

Ultra Combo 2 | DCM

DCM | Ground Version
To execute: While your ultra meter is filled, charge backwards, then press forward, backward, then forwards plus all three kick buttons. This move launches Decapre forward through projectiles and do a flurry of strikes on non-jumping opponents causing a lot of damage.

DCM | Aerial Version

To execute: While your ultra meter is filled, charge the diagonal direction of downwards and backwards (down-back), then press the diagonal direction of forwards and downwards (down-forward), down-back, then up plus all three kick buttons. This move launches Decapre upwards at a low angle, demolishing anyone in her flight path. This move is great after her Medium or High Kick Scramble into the Heavy Punch ground pound.

Ultra Combo Double

This choice allows you to use all three iterations of her ultra moves when your ultra meter is filled. If you find yourself battling someone heavily reliant on projectiles, it would be good to go with both so you have a punisher with the DCM and also a cancel for their projectiles in the Psycho Stream to allow you to set up.

Decapre Move Set & Combo Video

A video showcasing Decapre’s move set and combos from Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Decapre | Ultra Street Fighter IV Mechanics

In this section we are going to go over some of the basic mechanics found universally through out Ultra Street Fighter 4. Being as this is just a beginner’s guide to Decapre, we are going to get into them briefly.

The Typical Street Fighter Basics

Backwards on the joystick, or directional pad, makes you walk away from the enemy. If you are holding this during an attack that will strike you high or middle on your character, you will block the attack. If you are holding strictly away from the opponent and not downward at all, you are vulnerable to low attacks. Backwards is how you block most jumping attacks, standing attacks, and overhead attacks in Street Fighter games. No movement direction will block a throw. Since you are Decapre, walking away and blocking while standing allows you to charge for her Strafe Dagger, Scramble, and DCM Ground attacks.

Forwards on the joystick, or directional pad, makes you walk toward the enemy.

Downwards on the joystick–either a) straight down, b) down and towards the opponent, and c) down and away from the opponent–makes you crouch/duck. If you are holding downward and away from the opponent, you also block incoming low attacks. And since you are also Decapre, you are charging for both the Psycho Sting and Scramble special moves, as well as any other ultra or super combo you have available to you.

Upwards in any direction on the joystick, or directional pad, makes you jump in that direction. In general, jumping to avoid projectiles with a counterattack is a good strategy for beginners. With Decapre, you can nearly instantly travel to the enemy through their projectile to land her Scramble sweeping attack, so jumping can be very optional to your play-style. Keep in mind that a lot of more experienced players have anti-air strategies to make you jump over their projectile into their Shoryuken or Flash Kick, so working on timing your scrambles can be a better way to not get trapped.


To execute: Pressing light kick and light punch at the same time initiates a throw. I strongly suggest setting throw to a single button for new players. Perform it at nearly the same time as your enemy to negate a throw as well. Control the movement of where the opponent is thrown by pressing away from or towards your opponent. Throwing is a very solid thing to do at very close range when you find the opponent hesitating. Decapre has an air throw.


To execute: Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick at the same time. As a guide for potentially new players, I want to mention this so you don’t find yourself performing the exact wrong move every round. This move is strictly a taunt.

Focus Attack / Red Focus Attack

Focus Attack

To execute: Focus Attack – Simultaneously press and hold medium kick and medium punch.

During the button holding, you can absorb one hit as long as it is not armor breaking. Your health bar will go down as you absorb the hit, but will regenerate back to full if you absorb no more additional hits. Your ultra meter will grow at the rate like you had been hit normally.

Decapre Red Focus Attack

To execute: Red Focus Attack – Simultaneously press and hold light punch, medium kick and medium punch. This move requires two super meter bars.

During the button holding, you can absorb many hits as long as they are not armor breaking. Your health bar will go down as you absorb the hits, but will regenerate back to full if you absorb no more additional hits. Also your ultra meter develops at an enhanced rate.

The power of the Focus Attack modifies with the length of the time you hold down the buttons.

Stage 1: If you let go almost instantly, you perform a move that is like a standing heavy attack that does about that much damage and that much stun.

Stage 2: If you hold the buttons for up to about two or so seconds, when you release, you perform a staggering attack, which can stun countered foes.

Stage 3: If you hold the buttons for the maximum length of time until you automatically attack, you WILL stun your opponent on hit with an unblockable attack.

The core mechanic that makes this Street Fighter stand out from all the others, focus attacks, enable crazy comboing and defensive potential. Be wary of throws.

Focus Canceling

To execute: press medium punch and medium kick at the same time and double tapping Forwards or Backwards. Focus Canceling allows you to cancel special moves, and many other moves by executing the focus cancel button presses at the moment of impact, allowing you to advance for additional attacks or retreat for safety. Focus Canceling is essential for upper tier play for adding damage when you can, but can be a waste of super meter if not used wisely. It requires half of the super meter to activate.

Decapre 5 Hit Focus Cancel Combo


To execute: tap Forward twice for a forward dash and backwards twice for a backwards dash. Being a highly positional character, dashing is important to Decapre.

Decapre | Beginner Level Combos

Standing Medium Punch, Standing Heavy Punch. With the great reach of Decapre’s standing medium punch, this is a good punisher against recovering or walking opponents.

Close Range Standing Medium Punch, Heavy Kick, jump forward, Air Throw (Light Punch and Light Kick). Very excellently used as a close counter combo. The game is very restrictive on the timing of the jump. You have to be holding it nearly at the time the heavy kick connects.

Ducking Medium Kick, Psycho Sting (Hold/Charge Down, then press up and any punch). You will have to be charging downward as you throw the medium kick, and quickly press up plus punch while the kick is connecting for the Psycho Sting to come out quickly enough. This combo is a good follow up in anticipation of a fast counter attempt to your EX Rapid Dagger against wrestlers. Jumping away and executing Spiral Arrow to counter their next move might be a safer play.

Medium/Heavy Kick Scramble into Heavy Punch Ground Pound into air throw. Not very reliable, but is almost safe when used at the right range against downed opponents, and is a very good cross up attack, making it hard for your opponents to block.

Ducking light punch, ducking medium punch, rapid dagger. It is good after a cross up light kick, scramble teleport to get close, or as a counter.

Decapre VS Ryu

Decapre | Strategy

Some things to remember are that the Psycho Sting is a good aerial counter from far away when performed early in the jump. If an enemy crosses over you at a low angle, you might as well block instead, unless you clearly feel you can counter their attack.

Remember that the Psycho Sting is armor breaking, making it a high priority defensive item versus wrestlers. I often press light punch during the beginning part of a scramble to trigger the opponent to doing their Lariat or anti-air, then trip them with the light kick scramble or hit them with the Psycho Sting if you are in range.

Learning to Focus Cancel your Psycho Sting into an air throw is a high priority damage add-on for your long game. This is what training mode is made for.

Getting good at executing the Light Kick Plus Heavy Kick EX Scramble while your opponent is tossing their projectile is a high priority skill to develop. However, vary the scrambles with mix-ups to trick your opponent into thinking that throwing the fireball might be safe.

The medium kick scramble to the heavy punch ground pound is a good mix-up at sweep range to your opponent to trick them into attacking the wrong direction, while you fly past them. Certain special moves buffer and will come out though, so play it safe by timing it so you land as they stand up–at a safe distance (a slight bit later if they are a wrestler).

The regular Light Kick Scramble and the EX Light Kick plus Heavy Kick Scramble is combo-able from standard ‘non-special’ attacks.

Spiral Arrow is a great counter attack. It is highly useful either by jumping backwards at close range and getting over their projectile, or when you jump backwards and your opponent jumps after you in pursuit. It has great air priority.

After executing Psycho Stream, using your scramble to safely get to the other side of your opponent almost always sets up a great combo opportunity. Learning to mix up the attack with high or low will improve this chance.

Rapid Dagger is not safe against wrestlers at close range, but the EX version is. Just don’t stand still after you finish executing it.

Jumping over your opponent with a light kick is a great combo starter.

Using your Medium Kick Scramble followed up by Light Punch, or Light Kick Scramble followed up by Heavy Punch, are fun ways to throw off constantly charging characters like Guile.

Decapre Alternate Outfit

Decapre | Analysis

Strengths: High damage potential, great mix-up strategy, strong pokes from the ground, useful ultra moves, extremely good against slow enemies and projectiles.

Weaknesses: Most of her moves are highly unsafe on block, anti-air game is weak, very dependent on timing, scramble requires a lot of button pressing, an opponent unexpectedly moving forward will throw off your timing on scramble and make you extremely vulnerable.

My Summary: At different points in the lifespan of Street Fighter IV, I’ve mained Sakura, Guile, Zangief, and Akuma. Decapre, to me, seems very reminiscent of playing zone like you would with Akuma. His teleport was slow, but I would use it to set up his super and ultras. He had some safe distance combos, as well as a good keep-away routine. She also kinds of reminds me of Sakura and Cammy in how you rely on a strong poke and timing strategy, interjecting throws and focus cancels to get a strategic edge on your opponents. Playing as Zangief has given me perspective on how weak she can be against wrestlers if you don’t use your mix-ups and counters to their fullest. Playing as Guile has made me realize that Decapre’s hyper aggressive style of play is independent of charging on the d-pad, or joystick. Sure, learning the patience of charging and throwing sonic booms consistently and countering with flash kicks was great for learning, but Decapre is the next level of the Street Fighter charge character.


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Decapre | Performing the Moves

This section is to further help players not understanding how to execute the moves in this guide.

Charging / Holding: to perform a lot of Decapre’s special moves, you have to hold a direction on the directional pad or the joystick for a little over a second before you can tap the opposite direction while tapping the corresponding attack button to activate the move. Decapre is considered a charge character because you will spend a lot of time charging.

EX moves: to perform an EX move, which is an enhanced version of a special move (see below), you press an additional attack button of the same type. For example, for Psycho Sting you would press two punch buttons, and for Scramble you would press two kick buttons. See Scramble‘s description for very specific use of that set of moves.

Directions on the controller. Using the example of your character is standing on the left side while the opposing character is standing on the right side of the screen:
Forward means pressing the joystick or directional pad to the right (towards your opponent).
Backwards means pressing the joystick or directional pad to the left (away from your opponent).
Up means pressing the joystick away from you or the part of the directional pad furthest away from you. Up is synonymous with jumping in Street Fighter.
Down means pressing the joystick towards you or the part of the directional pad closest to you. Down is synonymous with ducking or crouching.
Down-Back means pressing the joystick in the diagonal direction of towards you and left, or the diagonal direction of left and the arrow pointing at you on the directional pad.
Down-Forward means pressing the joystick in the diagonal direction of towards you and right, or the diagonal direction of right and the arrow pointing at you on the directional pad.
The horizontal directions are flipped when standing on the other side of the screen.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Never before have I seen a game where the difference in skill levels between players is so apparent. This fighting game truly supports skill and practice over luck. With so many different fighters, there is bound to be a character that best meets your play style. Each character might employ the same core mechanics like jumping, blocking, and having attack buttons–but that is where the similarities end. Learning each new character is sometimes like learning a new game. Ultra Street Fighter 4 is the pinnacle of competitive toe-to-toe balanced game play. Capcom supports this game with character balancing, and even free DLC modes like the upcoming Omega Mode where each character is reinvented in the name of a fun new way to play the game. Anyone that is into any type of gaming should respect this game, which is the benchmark of competitive gaming.

Ultra Street Fighter IV
5 out of 5
by Garry Gordon