Dark Souls 2 released the night of March 10th, 2014. B2Wolverine, Mizaster J, and GtVSlayer participated in TCG’s coverage.Dark Souls 1 and 2 by From Software are the spiritual successors of Demon’s Souls, which was a PS3 exclusive. All of the games are 3rd person action RPGs with a focus on timing, skill, and strategy. What has made these series of games particularly stand out are their insane difficulty levels and pressure for players to learn through trial and error. Other trademarks for these games are their dark brooding levels filled with monsters that truly inspire fear and intimidation. What follows is the story of the TCG crew.

Dark Souls 2 Release Night Let’s Play

Here is our strategy video series for starting Dark Souls 2 with great items. All videos from The Classic Gamer’s release party for Dark Souls 2 can be found in the playlist above.

Dark Souls 2 Release Day Character Class

Here are the starting builds you can pick from. What we found out from Demon’s Souls is that you get in there, learn the game, then typically re-roll the class that helps you achieve the build you want. It’s been confirmed there is an item that will let you respec, but it’s hella rare.  The warrior and knight are good starting classes because they excel at some core mechanics like using weapons and shields. That combination is the safest way to progress in Dark Souls.

Warrior – This is a strength, vigor (HP),  dexterity, and vitality (carrying weight) focused character with good access to weapons and armor.

Knight – The knight is a more grinding, tanking melee character than the warrior. He also has “faith.” This is the stat that allows holy magic. This gives the knight healing ability with the right spells, allowing him his tanky quality.

Swordsman – The swordsman is a dexterity and strength based dual wielding build. You will rely heavily on maneuverability to survive battles. The really low starting vigor attribute is offset by an upgraded scimitar.

Bandit – This is a mostly dexterity focused build, making the bandit a prime candidate to use the bow. He also needs to rely heavily on his mobility for survival.

Cleric – With high faith, the cleric will be casting lots of miracles. He starts with a healing spell. The cleric may be a go-to build for players new to Dark Souls that want to do cooperative multi-player.

Sorcerer – This is an intelligence-based damage dealer that starts with the familiar spell, Soul Arrow.

Explorer – The explorer comes equipped with many consumable items like explosives, but may not excel in any one physical attribute. After the contraptions run out, hopefully you have established a strong feel for the mechanics.

Deprived – This is the clean slate character. He starts at level 1 with the lowest stats across the board–and no items. This character is more of an advanced play through character that you choose when none of the other starting classes will help you reach the min-max’d character build you want to make.

Which character class do you like starting with? Let us know in the comments below.

Dark Souls 2 Release the Dragons

Dark Souls 2 Release Day Review

After getting into their copy of the game, B2Wolverine, Mizaster J, & GtVSlayer went with the swordsman expecting a challenge. They came across a huge one-eyed Barney looking monster, & decided it had to be killed–even though you can bypass it fairly easily. 15 – 20 deaths later, they re-rolled a warrior for some more life as well as ruggedness.  They found a door they missed, and went on their way down the easier path. An hour into the game, they were dying in the prologue tutorial section. The next 30 deaths were at the hands of the white knight that you have to hit to bring to life. Eventually, B2Wolverine used a ladder slide attack to stun the white knight then slash him to knock him off a low cliff, but then slipped, fell, and died right next to him. You could see the shiny item we were fighting to get as the screen faded to “You Died”–a really powerful sword.  After a respawn, the white knight was gone as well as his magic sword.

As you can see, dying is a big part of Dark Souls 2. Choosing the right path to follow helps. Dying can be frustrating in the Dark Souls series because you have to restart that section of the game over. Exploration is rewarded, but insane challenges await in all parts of the game. Having not played since Demon’s Souls, GtVSlayer found the flask that refills your life an interesting item that you will want always upgraded.

Here are the review scores by The Classic Gamer’s launch party crew:

Mizaster J: “A lot of attention was put into the game’s environments, going for a photo-realistic look. I found the game’s difficulty to be a little imbalanced.” 3.5 / 5.

B2Wolverine: “I can’t wait to get this game. It could look like Mario from 1990. The game play is what gets it there.” 4.5 / 5.

GtVSlayer: “The decision I think players need to make is if they will look for hints & tutorials or not.  In either case, a massive challenge awaits.” 4.5 / 5.

Preparing for the Dark Souls 2 release.

To put you in the mood for Dark Souls 2, you can try Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls 1. Other games that strike a similar chord are Shadow of the Colossus & Dragon’s Dogma. If you prefer a less intense & more open-world style game, Skyrim is your best bet. If those games are too long, then we can suggest a movie like 300 & Conan the Barbarian, or TV Shows Hercules & Merlin, to get you pumped.

Dark Souls 2 Dragons