If you consider offensiveness & raunchiness to be painstakingly learned techniques, then here is a game for you to hone those techniques to a razor’s edge.

Cards Against Humanity | Rules & Introduction

Cards Against Humanity from, well, Cards Against Humanity, LLC. (it’s their only game), is a competitive party game for 4-30 players that tests the limits of what you’re willing to say out loud, even amongst your gross friends.

The rules are very simple, and bear no small resemblance to the rules of the famous family party game Apples to Apples. All that’s in the box are a bunch of white cards and a smaller amount of black cards. Each of the black cards has either a fill-in-the-blank sentence or a question. Each of the white cards has a word or phrase. Each player gets ten of those white cards at the beginning of the game.

One player each round is designated as the “Card Czar” (judge), who will draw and read aloud one of the black cards. Each of the other players will choose a white card from their hand to complete/answer the black card, one which they feel the judge will like the most, either due to cleverness or funniness. Some black cards also require that two or even three white cards be submitted by each player. All of the cards are placed face down and shuffled by the judge, so that he or she has no idea who chose which card. Then the judge reveals the white cards one by one, reading them aloud with the black card. Afterwards, he or she chooses which of the responses was the best, and that player claims the black card as an “awesome point”. The role of judge passes, everyone fills their hand back up to ten, and the game continues. Whoever has the most points at the end – which is arbitrarily chosen – is the winner.

cards against humanity samples

Cards Against Humanity | Mature Audiences Only

Simple and harmless enough, right? But while Apples to Apples earned its place on the shelf at Target by using benign, non-threatening words and phrases, Cards Against Humanity took a different route and aimed its content squarely at immature adults.

Here are some examples of the typical cards that will come out in a game of Cards Against Humanity:

“And the Academy Award for scrotal frostbite goes to Robert Downey, Jr.”

“The socialist governments of Scandinavia have declared that access to sexy Siamese twins is a basic human right.”

“What’s the new fad diet? My vagina.

“For my next trick, I will pull a zesty breakfast burrito out of Nicolas Cage.”

“How did I lose my virginity? Child beauty pageants.

You get the idea. Those are fairly tame compared to some of the other cards. Highbrow, this is not. But it IS smart. Experienced players will tell you that most of the fun of the game comes not from picking the most disgusting card combinations, but from picking the most clever and perfectly matched ones. Also, if you’re trying to win – not necessarily the goal of a game like this – you had best bear in mind who the judge is for the round. One judge might like gross-out cards, while another may want something that’s sarcastic or references their favorite movie. In that way, Cards Against Humanity really shines brightest when played with friends.

Cards Against Humanity

Of course, it goes without saying that the game is not for everyone. This is not what you pull out to unwind after Thanksgiving dinner with your family, nor as a team-building exercise at the office. Some people are bound to be offended, especially with some of the more racially and ethnically tinged cards. It’s also true that the game is not that deep, and repeated plays in a short period of time can lessen the enthusiasm you feel after the first time. It can be mean, too; watching the judge and the other hecklers at the tables rag on the card that you chose definitely doesn’t feel good.

Cards Against Humanity | Rating

Overall, Cards Against Humanity is one of those amazingly entertaining games that only comes around once in a great while. If you and your friends have the right sense of humor – and if you can actually find the game in stock – you can’t possibly go wrong (so long as you end every game with the Haiku card…trust me).