After the success of 2013’s The Last of Us, the much anticipated DLC is finally upon us. Is Left Behind worth buying? Here is TCG’s day one review.

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC | Introduction & Launch Trailer

If you have yet to play The Last of Us, you should start with our review here. This DLC has two story lines that you play through out of sequence. One happens during a time where you control the fierce Ellie near the end of the regular game’s main campaign, and the second story line is a prequel to The Last of Us game all together.  You get to see a playful Ellie and her friend Riley.

Naughty Dog uses the future tough Ellie scenes to stage some difficult encounters with humans and infected. Then they use the narrative of the girls to tell a fun loving story, showing the free spirit they possess.

The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC

Ellie & Riley play with super soakers in one of many mini-games.

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC | Multi-Faction Combat

In the scenes where you control the combat veteran Ellie, there are some areas where there are both infected and humans. You can stealthily pit them against each other and pick off anyone as needed. You should try to even the tides of battle with as little effort as you can in order to conserve ammo.

The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC

Pitting soldiers versus infected lets you snipe.

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC | Ellie & Riley

This part of the story feels like extended cut scenes more so than game play. The focus is on the narrative. The storytelling is good, but not as convincing as it feels it should be. This game wants to be a bridge that carries the audience to understand the motivations of Ellie, more so than tell a story.  Everything you see in the DLC is well produced and top notch design.

The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC

Ellie & Riley work together to survive.

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC | Play Through Video

Here is TCG’s full play through video of Left Behind from the night of release.

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC | Rating

With the expanded Ellie combat game play, the beautiful design, and the peppering of spirit Left Behind gives to its characters, it does what it sets out to do well. Being a 2-3 hour DLC being highly made up of cut scenes, it would be hard to not feel shortchanged. I would recommend looking into getting this DLC in a bundle with the game, or looking into the Season Pass in order to justify its cost. You can always wait for the price to lower or go on special.


The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC Arcade

The Last of Us Left Behind DLC | Recommendations

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If you enjoyed the light-hearted aspect of the game, the mini-games, and love to kill zombies; check out Lollipop Chainsaw.

If you find The Last of Us Left Behind DLC worth buying, below are the cheapest ways to pick up The Last of Us standalone game online.