Free for PlayStation Plus members, Resogun is a visual brickhouse built on solid play mechanics. Optimus Grind & GtVSlayer teamed up this week to destroy some alien invaders and offer insight on why you should play this game and how to master it.

Resogun Ships

Each ship you can choose from has its own strengths.

Resogun | Introduction

Two of the earliest shooters, Galaxian and Defender, seem to have had the most impact on Resogun. The developer, Housemarque, was contracted by Sony to make this PS4 exclusive game. They also made the Super Stardust series, which seem to be a blueprint of sorts for Resogun.Resogun Boss One

The graphics are a definitive highlight to this game. As you fly around a detailed and destructible city in space, you destroy invading ships. The main objectives of the game change the more you play. At first you will be fighting for your life and secondly helping to evacuate the last remaining humans in the city. Lastly, you will be trying to keep up with your score multiplier that increases when you kill enemies. You want to keep highly engaged in this game or the score multiplier will wane off.  After you get the basics of the game down, getting a higher score by maintaining your multiplier will take front seat in your space ship. Resogun is a score attack game. You will see the world’s highest scores before you hop into a game, encouraging you.

In the controls section we will discuss how to maximize your ship’s capabilities, and then in the following section we will go over how to maintain the highest possible score multiplier.

Resogun | Controls

resogun meters

The control scheme is quite simple. You fly in the direction you press on the left thumb stick. The right thumb stick controls the direction you fire: either left or right. It might feel unusual at first, but during this game you do not use the face buttons at all. L1 is your boost, L2 is “Throw Human”, R1 is your overdrive, and R2 is Nova Bomb.

Boost- A blue bar that appears above your ship measures the amount of boost you have. What boost actually can do is dependent on a few traits. Simply, it allows you to turn your ship into an indestructible weapon as you fly quickly in the direction you are pressing (straight forward by default), ending with a circular pulse that emanates from your ship. This pulse damages everything within its radius.

Resogun Big Boost

Big boost.


Small boost.





Boost is modified in the following ways. As you fly through and destroy enemies during boost, your boost gauge will fill a little. This allows you to extend your overall boost time. Also, the more enemies you destroy during boost, the more massive the explosive pulse will be at the end of your boost. Using short boosts where you tap the button give you a handy semi-spammable area of effect attack around your ship. Boost is a significant way of maintaining your score modifier.

Overdrive – Your overdrive gauge is the green circular bar under your ship. It is filled by the green cubes that float around after you have killed enemies. Overdrive’s attributes are different for each ship type that you can select. It offers invulnerability & shoots a far reaching blast. Green cubes you collect during overdrive will not extend its time length.resogun overdrive

Nova Bomb- This attack will wipe the stage clear of enemies. It automatically replenishes the timer for your score multiplier. Also, consecutive enemies will spawn near you. It is a good way to clear Keepers, an enemy outlined below. 

Throw Human- This is a short distance throw of a human that you pick up. Humans are saved by bringing them to the tractor beams located at the top of the level either by carrying them or flinging them. Using boost increases the range of the throw. Throwing humans while at the bottom of the level is relatively safe, but be careful to not throw them at high altitudes or into pits located on the later levels. Shooting humans causes them to fly up a little which also can lead to them falling into pits. On their own, they will not walk into a pit.

Resogun | Ooh The Humanity. Resogun Strategy.

resogun humans

Building your score multiplier is as easy as killing enemies. Preventing it from dropping due to a lull in the action is hard. Here is a list of things you can do to maintain your multiplier: shoot enemies; pick up a human; deliver a human to safety; start a boss battle; or drop a bomb.

resogun human

Humans bounce off laser beams.

Humans are being held in clear cubes through out the level. You free a human in one of three specific ways. The first two involve killing the green “Keepers” before they fulfill their goal. You might see the human at risk of dying in a flashing cube while their corresponding Keepers are active. Some Keepers will fly a visible flight path and you will simply need to wipe them out before they complete their pattern and get away. Others will engage you, and if you kill them out of sequence, the human they represent will die. In that case, you want to kill the one that is currently lit green and avoid the red ones. The last way of freeing a human is increasing your score multiplier. You will see a pale blue trail of light leading to the human that is freed once you meet the criteria for freeing them. This trail will originate from either the last Keeper you kill, or the Score Multiplier itself. With enemies onscreen, you will have to learn to multitask and look for visual clues while being evasive as well as destructive.

resogun keepers

This is what a Keeper flight path looks like.

Humans are resilient. They bounce off of bullets, you can juggle them using the Throw Human button, and you can let them roam the level until you need your multiplier renewed. Watch out for ships that will try to zip the humans away. Humans will walk towards the tractor beams and wait for a lift.  Saving the humans for late redemption is an end game skill to work on.

resogun human light

A human being released.

While you play the game, you will receive power ups for turning in humans and cracking open power ups that the human mother ships drop to you. Power ups may strengthen your weapon, upgrade your overdrive, give you points, or raise a temporary shield. At the end of the level you get bonus points for meeting certain criteria for humans you saved, your multiplier, bombs you saved, and for not dying.resogun level complete

Resogun | Rating

As far as time sinks go, this is no Flappy Bird. You have controls that are varied and responsive. The game is mostly twitch based; but there are overarching strategies to develop to up your score. The moves just feel plain cool and look awesome. There are several difficulties to choose from to ease up on the frustration factor. You won’t find a story that moves you here, but maybe the stylized science fiction theme will. For being a game that takes place in space, it is very atmospheric. As a freebie PS4 exclusive for PlayStation Plus members, or a $14.99 game otherwise, you can’t go wrong.


Resogun | Recommendations

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