The Human Torch vs Iceman

The Human Torch

The Human Torch | Fantastic Four

Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch the brash counterpart to the Fantastic Four. Obtaining his powers from the same cosmic rays as rest of the Fantastic Four, The Human Torch is able to control fire and flies. His weakness lies in that fire is dependent on oxygen.

The Human Torch is a playable character in:

Marvel Nemesis – Rise of the Imperfects
Fantastic Four: Flame-On
Marvel Ultimate Alliance


Bobby Iceman X-Men

Robert “Bobby” Drake aka Iceman is a cool, calm, and collected member of the X-Men. In the later years, he becomes a little more distraught as he eventually loses the ability to change into his human state. As one of the 8 omega-level mutants, he is able to able to freeze himself or the air around him called cryokenesis. When Emma Frost took control of Bobby Drake, she was able to freeze the blood of the entire X-Men team. That’s power. I personally don’t think it’s even a fight, Iceman just wins.


Iceman is playable in the following games:

X-Men Legends & X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse
X-Men: The Official Game
Marvel Ultimate Alliance & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
Lego Marvel Superheroes

I find the Fantastic Four boring in comparison to the X-Men.

My choice is based on the fact that I have always really wanted to see what Bobby the Icemans capabilities were. We know he’s an Omega Level Mutant, but later in the series he never really got the sick buff unlocking his full potential.

Iceman still gets stomped by The Silver Surfer.

by Thomas Hake

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