We’ve seen this battle start to play out before in The Avengers. Who would win? With the Guardians of the Galaxy suiting up, these two are contenders for a round two.  Ring in below on which of these Stan Lee characters you want to win.

Iron Man vs Thor | Origins

Iron Man’s real identity is Tony Stark. He is a billionaire and the very hands-on owner of Stark Enterprises. He is an amazingly inventive engineer as well as a playboy. Over the years, Tony Stark has been a provider for the Avengers. He invented the Iron Man suit while being injured and held against his will. He was expected to be make a weapon of mass destruction for his captors. The Iron Man suit, which borrows some of its technology from Stark’s own military division, puts a lot of stress on Tony’s heart. Through out the years, Tony gets tied into a lot of political struggles. When he releases his secret identity, it doesn’t get much easier for him.

Thor is tied to real Norse Mythology. In it, Thor is a god, mostly associated with thunder and lightning. He is the son of the god Odin.  He wields the hammer Mjölnir and other magical gear that carry great powers. Stan Lee adapted the legend to comics. Thor and his family live in the realm of Asgard and protect multiple worlds from their magical home base.

Iron Man vs Thor | Recent History

When they first met in The Avengers movie, it seemed Iron Man and Thor had it in for each other.  Iron Man found the encounter energizing but breathed easy when it was all over. S.H.I.E.L.D. was carrying Loki as a prisoner and Thor dropped in to grab Loki to question him on his own. This is where Thor comes to respect the superheroes of Earth.

Iron Man vs Thor | Present

These two heroes can be currently seen together in the following video games: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for multiple game systems, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for PS3 or XBOX360, and in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series for many systems. The Classic Gamer thoroughly enjoys all of these games.

Iron Man Versus Thor

Iron Man vs Thor | Future

During the credits in Thor: The Dark World, two of Thor’s sidekicks give the Aether from the movie to The Collector. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this year. It is expected that in this movie, the Avengers main story line will move forward. Thanos works towards completing the Infinity Gauntlet, which requires obtaining some of the items the Collector currently has. The Avengers will have to eventually deal with this. This will probably not occur by next year’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, though. In the comics world, Iron Man eventually takes a place among the Guardians. So the next few years in the current Marvel movie universe will be interesting.