When you’re reading about Mega Man games on SNES, you will hear a lot of praise for Mega Man X. The game has one of the best progressions that exists on the system. Because of this, often games like MegaMan 7 get kicked to the curb. At over $100 for a used copy, Mega Man 7 is far from cheap when it comes to SNES games. Mega Man X is priced around $30 in comparison. So should you buy Mega Man 7? Let’s find out.

Do you own Mega Man X?

If you have yet to play Mega Man X then I highly recommend you save yourself $70+ and do so. It’s by far the best of the series on this platform.  With the huge differential in price it’s a much better buy for those who’ve yet to bask in all its glory.

Should I Buy Mega Man 7 for SNES?

In this video Optimus Grind tries to determine if Mega Man 7 is worth $100

As you can see from our Mega Man 7 “Should I Buy It?” video, I’ve created a video strategy guide to take you all the way through the Robot Museum.

Mega Man 7

Mega Man 7 | Burst Man Walkthrough

We start with what I consider to be the hardest Robot Master of the initial four, Burst Man. The Bubble Wrap is extremely important in future levels, so we will start off with this challenging platforming intensive level. Charging your weapon proves vital as you will need to triple jump three bubbles in a row to keep yourself of immediate death. The spikes on the roof equal death, not damage. By successfully dodging his projectiles and releasing a charged Super Mega Buster, you will keep him pinned against the opposite wall. As he continues to make you triple jump, continue this process.

Mega Man 7 Cloud Man

Mega Man 7 | Cloud Man Walkthrough

As long as we can manage the way the wind blows, we should be able to easily defeat Cloud Man and his stage. By encasing Cloud Man with the Bubble Wrap, he enters an animation loop that is very exploitable. Wait until he’s at the top animation to shoot your second Bubble Wrap to lock him out of attacking completely. As you can see multiple robot masters at the start are extremely weak to the right weapon in 7. I would prefer to not have bosses loop in damage graphics, but the levels are hard enough even if you have the right weapon.

Mega Man 7 Junk Man

Mega Man 7 | Junk Man Walkthrough

Junk Man is quite a bit harder as you have to at least add in a slide to combat his animation loop. Wait until he is mid-air and about to throw a rock at you, and then slide to avoid the trash’s trajectory. Once you get the timing down he’s not difficult. Use Cloud Man’s Thunder Bolt to exploit Junk Man’s weakness to electricity.

Mega Man 7 Freeze Man

Mega Man 7 | Freeze Man & Robot Museum

Freeze Man is no match for the Junk Shield. Once you’ve defeated the first four Robot Masters, you head over to the Robot Museum. You will fight a mini-boss that is as tough as an end boss. Charge, then unload head shots. As a result of a head shot, his head becomes a projectile. Both the body and head do damage when they contact you and it creates a few situations where sliding and timing your jump is crucial.

Mega Man 7 | Are You a Mega Man Collector?

With very little supply on the market, I doubt it’s going to get any cheaper. I liked quite a few of the cool cameos from Auto, Proto Man, and Bass & Treble. The problem is that, unless you’re a fan of the series, I doubt you will find the cut scenes nearly as entertaining as I did. If you’re not an avid collector or fan, I suggest something else. If you are a Mega Man fan, you will enjoy this a lot. To newer Mega Man fans, I recommend X instead.

Mega Man 7
Rating: 3/5