The Last of Us on PS3 is a lesson on how a game can fit into a few niche categories and still break the mold. It is effective, gripping storytelling as told in the video game medium.The game play is strong, execution is solid, and the acting is top notch. Naughty Dog, the maker of the Sony exclusive Uncharted series, hits it out of the park. If you have been asking yourself “Should I buy The Last of Us for my PS3/PS4,” then here is a list of reasons why you should.

The Last of Us | Story Line Trailer & Playthrough

The Last of Us | Graphics & Sound

As you can easily tell from the footage included in our story line trailer, this game was created with great care and executed with precision. The graphics especially accentuate the onscreen action and even add to the game play when you focus your hearing with the R2 button.  The sound helps elevate the mood and intensify the action.  The voice acting with the graphics is sometimes eerie in how realistic it is and how much of the essence of the character and story it expresses.

The Last of Us | Story Mode

This is the story of Joel and Ellie and how they work together to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The story aspect of the game is its shining quality which makes you look past any misgivings or shortcomings in the integrity or quality of the game. Naughty Dog pulled a fast one and produced the game flawlessly. Each character brings their own elements of foreboding, personality, team dynamics, and mood. The characters fit into the game like a constantly evolving puzzle. In each moment, The Last of Us uses every character to convey a full picture.

Famous Lady Archers

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The Last of Us | Game Play

The Last of Us plays like an environmentally conscious stealth-based third person shooter mixed in with some storytelling elements that fall under survival horror and exploration. It wants you to be conservative of your items and expects you to develop your stealth skills. Luckily, the range at which you can rush in to incapacitate a foe when you press the triangle button is significant. Once you incapacitate an enemy, you have options with strangling, dragging them with you, and even shanking them if you have a shiv. After you play the game a few hours, you feel the game has properly introduced you to interact with the world. Even though the game actually states that you are unlocking tutorials as you find out new game play elements, the beginning of The Last of Us hardly feels like a game play introduction with the intensifying story pulling you in.

Factions TLOU Multi-Player

The Last of Us | Multiplayer Modes

The online versus mode, “Factions”, plays like a conventional team deathmatch mode, but it incorporates a system of continual upgrades through the use of points and found environmental items. Last of Us multiplayer still wants you to play very stealthily and has a down system similar to Gears of War where you can heal a staggered companion. There are executions as well. The game rewards you for playing as a unit, being evasive as you set up traps, and for picking off enemies one at a time.

last of us Ellie

The Last of Us | Rating

This game runs the gambit: enthralling story, competitive multiplayer, tight play mechanics, appropriate game length, & high production values. Sony recently revealed that The Last of Us will be one of the first games playable on its PlayStation Now cloud subscription gaming service for the PS4 & its PS Vita.

The Last of Us
5 out of 5

Should I Buy The Last of Us for PS3?

This game is for you if you like a mature cinematic story line that isn’t told through cut scenes alone. You’ll want to dig into its deep evolutionary multiplayer mode “Factions” while it’s still hot. Also, visit our coverage for the new single player dlc campaign, The Last of Us: Left Behind. It is now available. Look for packages that include both the normal campaign and the DLC releases. For another mature apocalyptic game on the PS3 featuring a strong female lead character, check out Lollipop Chainsaw.

Ellie Vs Lara Croft

Survivors of the last generation, these ladies made the transition from PS3 to PS4.

The Last of Us on PS4?

With the late July 2014 release date, you are going to want to wait if you own a PS4. The ultimate TLOU experience, which includes the DLC, is worth it–and at a value price.

The Last of Us | Awards

The Last of Us currently holds a solid 95% on both and  It swept the awards in 2013, winning Game of the Year from Destructoid, IGN, Gamespot, Spike VGX 2013, and other respected gaming award ceremonies.