Hulk vs Thing | History

Hulk vs Thing | Fantastic Four # 12

Hulk shares a body with a socially withdrawn mad-scientist, Bruce Banner. Under duress, Banner transforms into a super strength gamma radiation induced rage beast. We can see he has a heart through his actions, although sometimes he cannot control the rage.

Thing, aka Ben Grimm, has similar super strength qualities and hatefulness due to a NASA trip to the moon that caused his transformation.  He is also distant, very honest, direct, and free of pretentiousness.

Have we seen these two battle before?

For $.12 in 1963, you could have picked up the Fantastic Four comic book and read the first collision . In the comic, the Hulk shows the Fantastic Four that he’s not a threat. Just recently, this graded 8.0 silver age comic sold for something shy of 3k

Hulk vs Thing | Present

Both have been in the lime light. With recent movie tie-ins, including the mega-blockbuster The Avengers,  Hulk has seen quite a bit more of the spotlight. In some of these movies, the Hulk seems much stronger in comparison. Although Grimm does seem in better control of himself, the Hulk really shines when it comes to movement overall. In Video Gaming we saw an option to play with both strengths combined when Marvel Ultimate Alliance hit the shelves.

Hulk and Thing Ultimate Alliance

Hulk VS Thing, you decide.

Does Hulk get Clobbered, or the Thing get Smash’ed?

Hulk vs Thing Movies

Arguments about this are welcome in the comments.

by Thomas Hake