Super Mario World (SNES) Speed Run

This is a run I do every so often since I first got Super Mario World for Super Nintendo.  The Classic Gamer would like to share this with you in light of the AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) charity streaming event. In this six part video series I beat Super Mario World in as few worlds as possible. You will find all the YouTube videos below.

Hold down the B button, and away we go!

Part 1 | Yoshi’s Island 2, Yoshi’s Island 3, Yoshi’s Island 4, and Iggy’s Castle.

Being my first time playing this game in about seven or eight years, I spend the first level getting reacquainted with Super Mario physics. The first few levels are a breeze.

Part 2: Donut Plains 1

In this play through, I do not get any of the color switches that turn on the corresponding color blocks.  So flying is something you have to get good at to complete this run. A good tip to know is that once you beat a level, you can quit it by pressing start, and then select.   This is a good way to start a level just to grab a power up and then ditch it.

Part 3 | Donut Secret 1

One of the keys to successful evasion in water levels is to carry an item to make the swimming navigation controls easy.

Part 4 | Donut Secret House

Part 5 | Star Road

The Star Road leads to a more exclusive Special Star World. You can get to other parts of the game from here, but we are going to just work towards beating Bowser.

Part 6 | Bowser & Ending

There are multiple ways to get through this boss level. Find which way you prefer. When fighting Bowser, I have two tips.  First, learn the pattern of the fire so you can make an easy escape.  The second is to jump only when you need to.  You will want to jump when you throw the little guys to avoid hitting the bottom of Bowser’s ship.

I hope you enjoyed this speed run of Super Mario World and maybe found out a new trick to this game. I’m a little rusty but I had a ton of fun doing this. We would love to know what you think. Chat with us via the comments, facebook, or twitter! Super Mario World Map -GtVSlayer

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