Geometry Wars Retro Evolved | Game Review

Everyone likes free entertainment, right? During Halloween, I took a trip to the other coast to see my family. While there, my sister recommended Geometry Wars Retro Evolved’s free trial on Xbox live. Crushing shapes throughout the night with my sister was fun, so I wanted to share it. Warning: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved is addictive. The game dynamic is simple, the graphics are amazing, and an increasing difficulty keeps the game challenging. This allows both the novice and expert gamer to enjoy it. Do you remember Galaga? Meet its successor.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved | Simple and Effective Controls

Descendant to the classic Galaga, Geometry Wars evolved the 2D space blaster onto multiple planes. In the classic game Galaga, movement was limited and firing was straightforward. Geometry Wars takes Galaga‘s game design to a whole new dimension, where you are able to move and shoot in any direction. You control your ship with the left joystick, doing your best to avoid enemy shapes, and the right joystick fires.

Flying and shooting in any of 360 degrees allows a gamer the option to add personal flair to how they destroy geometrical foes. You have one weapon other than your gunner, a board nuke. This board clear effect is best used when you have no escape routes, as a fail safe of sorts. Sweep the board, grab a bunch of multipliers, and prepare yourself.

Pro Tip: Use this effect mid game to increase your late game multiplier.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved | Bright and Colorful Graphics

Fireworks. Yes. With each kill, the opposing shape explodes into colors on a black background. During the deeper levels in this game, you can have so many explosions going on at the same time that your vision is impaired. Use a board sweep and the entire screen explodes in a wide range of colors. The enemy ships are multiple different electric colors. When destroyed, they leave brightly colored orbs. All of which make you feel like you’re out in an underground rave out in the middle of nowhere. If you like the idea of sitting in a dark room with the most vibrant colors in the universe, try this game.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved | Simple but Difficult Gameplay

One of my biggest issues with games is that they become stale when you’re in a room with multiple people. Either the story drags on, the game is no longer challenging, or it pisses me off like OddWorld. Geometry Wars does a good job to allow either easy or challenging play for everyone in the room. The expert gamer will encounter shapes coming for them at all angles, varying speeds, and with unique characteristics. As your score increases, things become way more difficult. This game maintains its simple control scheme allowing even a novice gamer the ability to enjoy Geometry Wars.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved | Video Review

In your Xbox Live account, search for Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved for the free demo.  You can also find Geometry Wars: Galaxies for the Wii and Nintendo DS here…

on Geometry Wars: Galaxies

for Nintendo DS & Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS Geometry Wars GalaxiesGeometry Wars Galaxies Nintendo Wii

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved | Rating

The reason I’m giving this game a high rating is due to the free trial. If I found myself playing this frequently, I would buy the full version. I really enjoy “Try it before you buy it” downloadable games. It’s great for a fun game anyone can play. I had a great time playing it with my girlfriend, sister, and Garry. All of which really enjoyed it, unlike my normal rpg status quo.


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