Every corporation has its secrets, and they’ll do anything to keep them safe. There’s only one thing they’re afraid of: Runners.

Android Netrunner | Written Review

In the two player card game Android Netrunner, two players take control of either the Corporation or the Runner, and try to outwit each other to score 7 Agenda points first. Runners are hacker extraordinaires who plug their consciousness into the net and try to break into the Corp’s mainframe to steal their Agendas. The Corp is not defenseless, however, and will protect each of it’s servers with ICE defense programs, as well as bluffing and trying to lead the Runner into traps, all while advancing its Agendas enough to score them.

Netrunner was designed by Richard Garfield along with Magic: The Gathering, King of Tokyo, and Robo Rally – in the 90s. This new implementation by Fantasy Flight Games is set in the Android universe – along with the games Infiltration and the Android Board Game – and it’s a Living Card Game. This means that there are no random booster packs to buy; only regular “data packs” that all contain multiple copies of the same cards for deck-building purposes. You will not have to shop around on eBay to get expensive cards, and won’t have to worry about collecting rare single cards.  Living Card Games have become more popular recently, as seen by other hits Star Wars: the Card Game and A Game of Thrones: the Card Game.  Android Netrunner is by far and large the best of them. Here is the video review of Android Netrunner.  You will learn about the components, the mechanics of the game, and what Board Game Brawl thinks about it.  Enjoy!

Android Netrunner | Video Review

Matrix, schmatrix. The best runners have fun downloading their brain into a computer. Try not to slip on some ICE as you watch Nick’s review of Android: Netrunner, from Fantasy Flight Games.

Tense, strategic gameplay with elements of bluffing and deduction await in the world of Android Netrunner!

Android Netrunner
4 out of 5
by Board Game Brawl

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