Is Mortal Kombat on PS3 a Flawless Victory or Fatality?

On the premiere episode of Lovers’ Quarrel, YoungBlood and GtVSlayer review…


Prepare yourself.

Lovers’ Quarrel | Introduction

Lovers’ Quarrel is a show featured on The Classic Gamer’s YouTube channel and our site. It features a variety of couples that  may want to marry the game, or kill it. Check out this video for more:

Today’s episode of Lovers’ Quarrel features GtVSlayer & Youngblood playing Mortal Kombat on the PS3.  GtVSlayer is familiar with this game as he was high in the rankings when it was first released. Youngblood, on the other hand, could not tell the difference between Scorpion or Sub-Zero. GtVSlayer only allowed YoungBlood a few minutes preparation on the easiest difficulty before entering her into glorious battle. So is Mortal Kombat for PS3 a fatality or a flawless victory? Let’s find out!

Lovers’ Quarrel | Mortal Kombat PS3

GtVSlayer went with his trusty Raiden. YoungBlood chose Kitana. You will notice in the episode that she sticks to her fans, er… I mean guns, which happen to be fans. GtVSlayer lands some interesting combos and Youngblood connects with a LOT of X-Ray attacks, a new move unique to this latest version of Mortal Kombat.

Lovers’ Quarrel | Mortal Kombat PS3 | Rating

These lovers rate this game as 5/5 overall. 

Lovers’ Quarrel | Mortal Kombat PS3 | Review

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  • The game play is very action packed.
  • YoungBlood felt the move sets were powerful
  • Challenging but not too difficult for a new player.
  • GtVSlayer enjoys the responsive controls.

Mortal Kombat LQLovers’ Quarrel | The Future

  • B2Wolverine and VzSpice on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
  • YoungBlood and GtVSlayer featuring classic vintage games.
  • Synapse88 and Artforidiots enjoying online RPG’s.

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