6. Final Fantasy III | The Top 10 SNES Games

Final Fantasy IIIAlso known as Final Fantasy 6, FFIII was the final 2D Final Fantasy and the last for the SNES. It made up for the mistakes of its predecessors and kept the same great formula while adding more depth. The game is difficult, has memorable characters, pretty good music, and a lot more to like about it than I can list here. My absolute favorite part about this game is the main villain, Kefka. There are very few bad guys in video games that as a person I want to personally maim. I mostly do it for the sake of the characters. With Grunty from Banjo Kazooie and Kefka it’s different. They’re the kind of villains you love to hate. I felt a personal connection with the characters in this game to rise up and defeat the maniacal dictator that Kefka is. Nothing is too sinister for him. No baby will go unkicked, and no back will remain unstabbed. My only regret is that I didn’t wait for Shadow.

Final Fantasy III
5 out of 5
by Matt Rossi

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