7. Mega Man X | The Top 10 SNES Games

Mega Man XClassic Mega Man action? Check. 8 Robot Masters? Check. Boss weapons and sweet hidden power-ups? Check. Old-hat 8-bit graphics? NOPE! Mega Man is a classic platforming game that everyone knows and loves, but Mega Man X is different. In the year 21XX, Mega Man’s successor, X, is awakened prematurely from a capsule by Dr. Cain, who studies and replicates the free-thinking technology within X to create Reploids with free will. However, with free will comes good and evil. Non-law abiding Reploids are labeled as Mavericks, and eventually a Reploid police force is created to combat this threat. Unfortunately, the leader of these Maverick Hunters goes Maverick himself, convincing all but two of the Hunters to join his cause. It is up to X and the A-class Hunter Zero to defeat the 8 other Maverick Hunters in 8 stages and then finally face their ex-leader Sigma and put a stop to him once and for all.

While gameplay is largely the same, Keiji Inafune, creator of the Mega Man franchise, added several gameplay elements to increase difficulty and bring Mega Man into the cooler 16-bit world for a generation of gamers that got a little older and a little more mature. X can dash, fire charge shots, and even jump up and cling to walls. You still defeat bosses and acquire their signature abilities for yourself. The stages are memorable, the music is awesome, and the colors and graphics are crisp and hold up well even now. Many games do not age well, but this one is an exception. If you enjoy anything that is Mega Man, I suggest you give this one a try if you haven’t already. For those that have, do you know what it’s like to Hadouken an Armadillo?

Mega Man X
5 out of 5
by Matt Rossi

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