2. Chrono Trigger | The Top 10 SNES Games

Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger is a tale of a mute man on a quest through time to stop an ancient evil from ravaging a planet. No, I don’t mean Link. Both of these protagonists can be considered a hero of time, but only one has a rainbow sword and a head of flaming red hair. Battle alongside some cute ladies, a blue baddy, a frog, and a robot as you JRPG your way through a dozen eras listening to incredible music and doing your standard requirement of RPG things. The battle system in this game is awesome. A Standard HP/MP/ATB system is accompanied by leveling up, learning new special attacks, and later combining the special attacks of two and even all three party members together to unleash powerful single target and AOE attacks to devastate your foes. The story and music are great, but the battle system made this game possibly the best RPG on the SNES. Kids, better remember your formulae; Cyclone + Slurp Cut = X-Strike, Ice + Fire = Antipode, and Spin Cut + Ice 2 + Leap Slash = Arc Impulse.

Chrono Trigger
5 out of 5
by Matt Rossi

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