Camelot needs you! Team up with your fellow knights and protect the walls of the castle from the evil forces of Mordred. It will take the combined might of the forces of good to prevail… but one amongst you may have fallen to darkness.

Shadows over Camelot | Review

In Shadows Over Camelot, 3-7 players take on the role of the brave Knights of the Round Table, trying to protect Camelot from evil together. They will take on quests around the kingdom – finding the Holy Grail, rescuing Excalibur, fighting the Black Knight, fending off invaders, etc. – in order to fill up the Round Table with white swords and win the day. The knights must use their special powers and cards wisely in order to be successful. Failing quests will put black swords on the table, and one of the knights may in fact be a traitor, working to ensure Camelot’s destruction. Fail to find the traitor and he or she might slowly sink the chances for the loyal knights to win the game.  He can abandon quests suspiciously or secretly toss down helpful cards to ‘help’ fulfill a quest. The knights may be able to root out the traitor, but he will still be able to perform evil deeds! The knights lose if the table fills up with too many black swords, or if too many siege engines arrive to take down the walls of the castle.

Shadows Over Camelot | Video Review & Tutorial

Wil Wheaton forced my hand. Trudge into battle with your traitorous friend Nick, as he reviews Shadows Over Camelot, by Days of Wonder.

Shadows Over Camleot | Rating

Shadows Over Camelot is a tense, complex cooperative game.  Each player has only one action on their turn when there are many quests to be won. The players not only need to fight against the game, but possibly against one of their own. Much like another hidden role game, Battlestar Galactica, the constant suspicion and mistrust keep the players on their toes, and lend to a heavily thematic and epic saga.


Shadows Over Camelot Knights

The Knights of Shadows Over Camelot

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