Man of Steel Versus Batman.  This has been the burning question on the interwebs.  If it came down to these two, who would win?

How did this start?

Ever since Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition this has become a hot topic. It shows an evil Superman from an alternate universe and Batman stands in his way at one point.

With Man of Steel and Injustice both being successes & the coming Batman and Superman movie, things have been solid for DC.  We’d like to know who you think would come out on top when it all hits the fan?

Superman versus Batman

The Man of Steel

Supes strives only to protect and preserve life. This might make him look like a boy scout.  However, this clarity as he fights to protect Earth makes him a beacon for hope. Super hero MMOs define Superman as the ultimate super hero because his powers fall into every category.  He is a blaster, a tank, flyer/speed, brawler, and he has amazing observation. Superman recently celebrated his 75 year anniversary. DC Comics released the video that follows.


The variety of devices on Batman’s belt tells us he likes to be prepared for any situation. Batman does what he needs to do to get things done. Sometimes he may seem too brutal or judgmental, but to him it is about the results. The fact that Batman is all end game and the Man of Steel is all about positive action,  we can see that they have two very different approaches to accomplishing their goals. This is especially true since Batman has no powers: just his ingenuity, stealth training, and gadgetry.  In his preparedness, we know that Batman has a stash of kryptonite somewhere. Below is a combo video I made to show off one of Batman’s combos back during the Injustice demo.

I really look forward to seeing these two battle it out in the upcoming movie and another round of Injustice.  What are your thoughts?