Microsoft’s XBox One Preview at its Area One Tour will ignite your passion for gaming. Check out these previews!

Being lucky enough to participate in the Area One Tour’s first XBox One preview session in Phoenix, I found myself immersed in the video game world.

This tour will excite any gamer, Xbox console fan or not.  With consoles set up wall to wall, green lights illuminated the whole room and hundreds of players gathered to give the XBox One a try!  While not getting to preview the different types of media on the One, we did get to check out highly anticipated games of the season, including Battlefield 4, Ryse: Son of Rome, Crimson Dragon and more. Players took turns to demo their favorites. I jumped out of my gaming comfort zone to try out a few and was quite surprised!

Battlefield 4 XBox One Preview

Battlefield 4 

I just couldn’t get the hang of Battlefield 4.  Despite that, the pvp action is addictive. Even if I did die several times.




Ryse: Son of Rome 

Ryse: Son of Rome XBox One Preview

Now enter Ryse: Son of Rome, an action adventure game in which you are in control of a Roman gladiator.  The demo previews an arena scene in which you fight barbarians. However, there is also a story to play out.

Crimson Dragon XBox One Preview

Crimson Dragon 

Another up and coming exclusive, Crimson Dragon, is set on a planet inhabited by dragons. It is a rail shooter game and once I got the hang of the rocky camera angles I realized it is reminiscent of Star Fox 64. Crimson Dragon is a spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon for those of you who are familiar.

All in all, the game play on the One is crystal clear and intense.  Whatever type of gaming you are into, you will find something very awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to more of the multimedia functions and the new games.  So what games are you guys looking forward to and are you excited for the XBox One ?