Hijacking vehicles, assaulting people with weapons, & evading the police is what people love about Grand Theft Auto.

The Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA V Military Base Entry allows you to steal the jet!When GTA V was released, I had to play this game. With over 29 Million copies shipped by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V has been an extremely successful addition to the series. I’ve always enjoyed the series. It holds up as a classic loot & shoot– and has a new plot to boot!

Grand Theft Auto V

Steal this Jet after GTA V Military Base Entry.

Playing Grand Theft Auto V has been a lot of fun. After getting bored with stealing bikes, cars, and tanks I had the urge to steal something new. After some research I found out there was a Jet and I had to figure out how to get it. There are multiple ways to go about GTA V Military Base entry.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Military Base Entry | B2Wolverine

B2Wolverine shows us how it’s done.

Although some people might consider the tank to be their favorite, I prefer the Jet. If you have found an easier way for GTA V military base entry, let me know in the comments. Did you see those parachute skills at the end? That is one of the reasons I love the jet. The other is the fact that the tank is super slow, although powerful. It’s a little easier to be caught. I am pretty sure if you were a good enough pilot, you could evade the authorities for a long time.

Grand Theft Auto V Rating

5 out of 5

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I have to give this game a really good review as nothing was disappointing. Although I love the story line quests, there is still nothing like trying to evade capture when you have multiple stars. The new twists in this game make it fun and interesting for those who like a good plot, but it still has that classic Grand Theft Auto theme.

What have you thought of GTA V thus far?

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