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Link VS Ash

The action RPG and turn-based RPG were introduced to most gamers on the NES.

Players have been delving into dungeons via turn-based and action style role-playing for over thirty years. Both styles of gaming have been giving us great adventures to participate on, strategies to figure out, and mechanics to master on various platforms. The advent of the gaming console has promoted the action RPG style of gaming, whereas turn-based RPG games seem more homey on the pc platform. In the last ten years, trends have led to make action RPGs more apparent as shown by the gradual migration of Final Fantasy towards a real-time battle system as shown in Final Fantasy 11, 12, & 14. MMORPGs are partly to blame. Turn-based RPGs are still in full swing. Just check out the new Pokemon.

Link comes to the Wii U

So which will it be?

Do you prefer adventuring as Link or in a party as the leader? Do you prefer twitch timing or careful strategy? Here are some match ups to help you make your decision: Legend of Zelda Vs. Final Fantasy 1, Secret of Mana Vs. Chrono Trigger, Faxanadu Vs. Phantasy Star II, River City Ransom Vs. Dragon Warrior, and Dark Souls Vs. White Knight Chronicles.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a modern Action RPG.

The Classic Gamer is listening.

We want to produce play throughs and strategy guide style walkthrough videos for the games you prefer! We’ve been known to bust some Diablo 3, RAW, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance here in the studio, but everyone likes to jam out on their Pokemons, Final Fantasys, and Ogre Battles on their own.

Final Fantasy III is a classic turn-based RPG.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what some of your favorite RPG games are!

Game on!


Action RPG Versus Turn-Based RPG