Prepare your magic and rally your troops as you prepare for this Summoner Wars review!

Take control of a powerful summoner that must summon more troops onto the field in an effort to overwhelm opponents’ troops and destroy their summoner in this two-player game (four players with the purchase of an additional set). The cards representing your forces are moved around the board similar to miniatures. You’ll have to use movements and attacks to outmaneuver your opponent in Summoner Wars.

Use walls strategically to block your opponents and give you new summoning channels. Cast event cards to change the tides of battle in your favor. Burn the cards from your hand and deck to fuel your future summonings. Beware: when your deck runs out, you’re on your own, and you must finish the battle with the forces that you have on the board!

Summoner Wars Review

Expansion Sets for Summoner Wars

Enter the fray properly equipped!

The Master Set comes with six factions, but many more faction packs can be purchased, as well as reinforcement packs to help you build your own decks, and Second Summoner decks that give new twists on existing factions! Heavier and more strategic than Magic: The Gathering, but lighter than its cousin, Mage Wars. Summoner Wars is fast, easy to learn, but difficult to master!  View the full length video of Board Game Brawl’s Summoner Wars review below.