There is another Mass Effect series in the works. Which game from the original trilogy did you like most? Which game would you hope the next trilogy is most like?

Throughout the Mass Effect Trilogy, Shepard was the hero you wanted him or her to be.

Being able to bring your character save from one game to the next exemplifies the way the designers of Mass Effect want you to feel like a part of the games.  The epic scope to the visuals and story of the Mass Effect Trilogy will not be soon forgotten.  The Mass Effect Trilogy brought amazing Hollywood production values to gaming.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect

In the first game of the series, you are introduced to a plethora of interesting characters and a huge science fiction universe: Ashley & Kaidan are your initial human companions.  Ashley is soldier class, Kaidan is a biotic possessing kinetic powers. Both are potential love interests. Liara is another possible mate as well as an Asari biotic. Wrex is a Krogan that is awesome with a shotgun. Garrus is a cool, calculated soldier of the Turian race. Tali is a Quarian  that has to wear a mask to breath.  All of these characters have your back.  The feeling of how everyone meshes together feels like a mix between the Star Trek the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In the original game, you uncover a scheme threatening all life in the galaxy that ultimately unfolds throughout the entire Mass Effect Trilogy.  Learning about each planet, race, and enemy in this game is science fiction storytelling at its best.

Mass Effect 2

Players could import their characters and saves from the first game.  There was an interactive comic download for the PS3 version to allow gamers to make relevant decisions that affect their starting point in Mass Effect 2.  This is regarded as the most critically acclaimed game in the trilogy.  This game is more streamlined than the first.  The action was beefed up and the interweaving of characters’ storylines is more formulaic.  If you want a character to survive the main storyline, you better do their side quest that’s initiated by following their dialogue boxes on the ship.

In this game, you work for Cerebrus doing a multitude of missions for the Illusive Man which ultimately leads to revealing story line elements.

Mass Effect 3

In this one, you finally get to face the real enemies of the Mass Effect Trilogy as they were revealed in the first game.  There has been a lot of hoopla about the ending, and even a dlc to try to tie up the loose ends more to gamers’ likings.  Also in this game, there is a Gears of War Hoard style multiplayer element, complete with dlc packs and leveling system.

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