The purpose of this article is to start a dialogue on some of the trends to be found “classicgaming.

Mario Kart is a Classic Game

Nintendo’s Mario

It is easy to consider Super Mario Brothers a classic because it has thrived on many systems, through multiple incarnations, and is deeply impacted in most gamers’ hearts. Secret of Mana on the other hand is a fairly unknown game to most conventional gamers, and I doubt I would be anywhere near the gamer I am today without it. After pondering over how games could be compared classic, I came up with this. Enjoy.

Classic Games tend to have emotional value.

I thought it was going to be just another day, but as I walked sluggishly into my after school program, I remember seeing Secret of Mana for the first time. I was alarmed to see a group of kids banding together to defeat enemies in the same game simultaneously. I’ve docked in quite a few hours into RPG’s since then, and why does it seem that this has resignation. When we look at the definition of classic it states, “of the first or highest quality, class, or rank.” Although SOM had a unique ring system and clean multi-player dynamics it also had what I feel to be one of the most balanced Tank/Fighter, Mage, Cleric party relationships in RPG gaming history. The problem with considering games classic only through emotional attachment is that anyone could consider any game classic. Obviously this is not the case. So what is another trait of a classic game?

Classic Games tend to have historical significance.

Senet is quite possible the first Classic Game.

ca. 1320-1200 B.C. — Fresco Painting of Nefertari Playing Senet — Image by © Gianni Dagli Orti/Corbis

The ancient Egyptians played a complex board game called Senet. It has been reproduced many times and still sees play today. Sources believe it to have been played around 3500 B.C. Senet was important enough to the Egyptian culture that it was portrayed in paintings in the Merknera, Hesy, and Reashepes tombs. It is believed that a successful player was being protected by the gods. So with Senet being thousands of years old, if the age of a game is the only factor determining if it is historically significant, compared to Senet it would be hard to consider most games classic at all.

Classic games tend to serve as a model for future gaming.

A family favorite, Monopoly is one of the most classic games today. Selling more than 200 Million copies, it is the best selling board game. Parker Brothers has been releasing versions of monopoly in multiple languages, themes, and variations spreading gaming to all nationalities of all ages. With around 100 years of play it pales in comparison to Senet, but due to its significance for gaming we can understand why it is a classic game.

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by Thomas Hake