End of summer, 1995. Fresh out of high school, I recently had gotten thrown out of the movie theater for sneaking into the Power Rangers movie after seeing Judge Dredd. I just could not stop laughing when the yellow ranger said something like “go go power beam” and a headlight came out of her helmet. This was a golden year for gaming and ambitious titles. The original Playstation was in full swing. Nintendo was beginning its transition towards its N64 system. Sega was trying to keep up with its crazy ahead-of-the-curve thing having just released the Sega Saturn. Fighting games were everywhere: Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc… Nothing dominated a Super Nintendo system more during this time than one fighting game. The only visual remnant from the end of my time with SNES that resides in my mind’s eye is the black Killer Instinct cartridge. After I ultimately sold my original SNES, getting that combo fix was difficult to come by.

Killer Instinct was the epitome of refined game play that you could find on the SNES. This game possessed potent abilities and an extensive combination and counter system. While not intuitive at first, it led to a finesse style of game play. The graphics, while not close to the arcade, were very impressive for the 16-bit Super Nintendo. Anyone who still owns that system should own Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct
5 out of 5

Killer Instinct | SNES | Jago Gameplay

I am lucky. First of all, I work for TCG so I’ll see the day a KI comes into stock. Secondly, Killer Instinct was just announced for XBox One. Killer Instinct will be a free download with one free character, Jago. Jago is a solid fighter from the original game. He kind of reminds me of a ninja version of Ryu & Ken. There will be character packages and complete game packages available. Check this out:

Killer Instinct | XBox One | Reveal Trailer

From this game play reveal trailer for Killer Instinct, we see that Jago possesses his old Ultra combo.  Will the new game play differently from the old game?  We will have to wait and see.< ?p>

Killer Instinct

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