Weaponlord was noted for being ahead of its time in the weapon fighting genre. It did in fact pave the way for Namco’s future weapons fighting games.

Weaponlord | Review

Recently, after coming across Sega Genesis games, I had the pleasure of getting to try Weaponlord for the first time.  Being a very late Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo game, my expectations were not that high. Weaponlord was originally developed for the Super Nintendo.  The Genesis translation is known to play faster, although the SNES version has the edge in graphics. I found the graphics quite good when using my go to fighter, the SNES Street Fighter 2 series, as a measuring stick.

Weaponlord | Video Trailer

This is an unreleased set of video footage that was shot to focus on the weapon game play in Weaponlord. The footage features a character that looks like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. After he runs out of stamina, a Weaponlord character steps in to show the finishing power that weapons bring to fighting games. Becoming a blueprint for the Soul Calibur/Soul Edge series, Weaponlord shows its staying power as well.

Weaponlord | Game Play

Weaponlord, as it turns out, is a pleasant 1 Vs. 1 fighting game that has amazing value as a fun hack and slash game. It did have some unusual controls that turn out to be deeper than I had expected. I left the experience feeling battle hardened like I was a guest star on 90’s TV show Hercules, and after I continued a few times, it felt like they recycled my character for Xena. The weapon combat is intense, the action is bloody, and the controls are good. Obviously, they will not be Street Fighter caliber controls, but I find the lack of a cookie cutter fighter control scheme a good way to level the playing field for casual gamers. This is definitely a game I recommend for mashing with your friends.

3.5 / 5

Below is a video taken from a play-through featuring Zarak, the final boss, being unlocked via a code. To play as Zarak on the Sega Genesis, press AAC ACB BBC AAA CCB CAA in story mode.

Weaponlord | Zarak Game Play Video

Weaponlord for Sega Genesis

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