The original arcade game Strider, and a few of the home versions, have been extraordinary.

Strider is Back!
Strider is Back!

Strider | Review

The Sega Genesis version is arguably the best game that system has ever known. Fans have often been left hanging from the ceiling waiting for a good new version to come out, hoping, just hoping, it could relive the glory that was once the Sega version. Does Strider for the next gen consoles look like it will make a triumphant return? We hope so.  Check out the first seven minutes of game play below.  It is said this game will play like the original arcade game meets Super Metroid in terms of finding upgrades and discovering new parts to the levels.  This game drops early 2014.

Strider | Game Play Sneak Peak

If you’re a fan, you should check out the link below where I destroy the Sega version. I spent a lot of time with that game growing up, and personally cannot wait to get a hold of this. What did you think about the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!!!!!

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