B2Wolverine has been a behind the scenes video producer for The Classic Gamer, sharing his gaming exploits. This is the first video featuring B2Wolverine. Mizaster J plays host in this on the spot interview.

B2Wolverine | The Classic Gamer Spotlight Video

B2Wolverine | Featured Highlights

B2Wolverine is a featured gamer here who prefers freshly released games. You can find a few of his videos below or in his author profile. He’s a big gamer and loves to play online. Currently you can catch him on PS4 when he is not out of range with the Navy.

Tomb Raider PS4: Here you can find B2Wolverine taking lead in a multiplayer match of Tomb Raider PS4 with audio commentary

Bound by Flame: Loving them action rpg’s, check out B2Wolverine on Bound By Flame.

Grand Theft Auto 5: B2W was one of the first to break into the miltary base and take the jet for a joyride.

B2Wolverine Jet

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