With the recent release of Zombicide Season 2, Nick D explains why this is one of the best zombie games in board gaming.  He gives a detailed overview of how to play the game and some suggested house rules to remove player elimination and other common annoyances with the game.  The Classic Gamer & Board Game Brawl now present Nick D’s Zombicide Video Review & Tutorial.

Zombicide | Video Review & Tutorial

Nick D reviews Zombicide (Season 1) by Guillotine Games and CoolMiniOrNot.

Zombicide | Review

Zombicide is a survival horror game with a lot of action.  The zombie genre in board gaming has become really popular with many card games like Zombie Fluxx, Card of the Dead, and other more survivalist miniatures games like Zpocalypse.  In this game, you assume the role of one of the survivors.  You receive a character card.  Each unique character has his or her own special abilities as well as leveling up mechanics.  There are a variety of zombies, items, and scenarios. Try to cooperatively accomplish your team’s objectives to finish the scenario while dealing with the zombies. Certain actions create noise, like firing weapons, which attracts zombies. Some zombies lurch, some run and a lot of them are just really hard to kill.  The Abomination, the most elite zombie class in the game, is especially resilient.  The molotov cocktail in the game seems to be the only absolute answer. The various situations that arise in the game scale in difficulty based on how high of a level characters in the player group are. Another bump to Zombicide‘s difficulty is that any firearms in the same zone hit other players first. All of these situations make for a lot of high tension, nail biting action.

4 out of 5

Zombicide Wanda Character Card

Wanda covers a lot of ground quickly.

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