Super Dodge Ball for NES was one of my favorite time passing games for a long stretch of my life.  The game is simple, it’s fun, and it has great multi-player.  This game is about battling, with a ball.  It has three modes, Bean Ball, as played on the school yard in a free-for-all life bar mode; Versus Mode; and there is World Cup mode–which is a little more intricate.

Super Dodge Ball NES | Game Play Video

Super Dodge Ball NES – Game Play

Super Dodge Ball NES | Review

This game is distinctively similar in physics, graphics, and game play to River City Ransom, another one of my favorite NES games. If you enjoyed that game, Bean Ball is like a home away from your RCR home. Nailing a running jump shot with the dodge ball is awesome.  Nabbing the ball out of the air as it bounces off a jarred opponent makes you feel powerful.  Dodging and intercepting the ball in general feels ninja. These are the interactions that make the game extremely fun. I’ve always enjoyed playing this game, and it seems every few years I get the itch to dodge.

Super Dodge Ball NES

Super Dodge Ball NES | Rating

If you like dodge ball, you will enjoy Super Dodge Ball. It has a very solid, responsive, logical control scheme that is easy to pick up and learn. These were decent graphics for its time and the specials do look cool compared to the visuals of other games on the NES. The music and sound have nothing that really stands out, but they are enjoyable.

Super Dodge Ball
4 of 5

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