The original 1983 Star Wars arcade game is the only game I will never pass on an opportunity to play, all the way back to when I was 6 or 7. I remember my parents bringing me to Walt Disney World  in our home state of Florida to stay at Fort Wilderness or to visit the Disney parks, and my favorite destination was the huge arcade on the ground level of one of the resorts.It was the only arcade I knew as a child that had this game. The game had wireframe graphics, seemed advanced for its time, and just felt authentic to Star Wars with the movie dialogue rips in the game.

Star Wars Arcade 32X

Star Wars Arcade 32x | Review

This Star Wars Arcade 32X game, while being a technical upgrade of the original game, just doesn’t capture the soul of the original.  The original game felt slightly like it was on rails, but this game feels like you are driving on a road with a mini gun turret trying to shoot harrier jets.  One of the ways you feel very limited is that Tie Fighters can escape your firing by flying on a higher incline than you can shoot at or fly towards.  This is pretty bad when the first three missions in the “upgraded” 32X version is 1) shoot 15 Tie Fighters in a small amount of time, 2) shoot 20 Tie Fighters in the same amount of time, and 3) now shoot 25.  Your number one strategy for shooting them in this game is, as the X-Wing computer suggests, is to slam on the brakes and let them fly past you.  While that worked awesome once in the movie “Top Gun”, it gets old here fast.  From what I’ve been told, having a wing man to play Star Wars 32X with to run the turret is a much better way to play.

Star Wars Arcade 32X | Gameplay


Star Wars Arcade 32x | Rating

Star Wars is awesome, but having the world’s most useless hud and the inability to fully pick your flight direction isn’t.  If you want a better HUD or control of your ship, look no further than Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, for the Atari 2600. You have three options in Star Wars Arcade 32X slow down for a second, speed up, shoot lasers.  These limitations really make the game redundant outside of the missions themselves. The graphics are great for 32x and classic gaming in general. When it comes to aerial games they tend to have really limited visuals and for its time Star Wars Arcade 32x was better than most. The voices and music is authentic, but it feels like it has the most mundane dialog from the movies.  It’s bad when you prefer the original to this. In my youth, I did buy a 32X to play this game and was disappointed.  I still prefer the original.

Game Rating: 3 / 5

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