We enjoy getting together with friends and jamming random multi-player games. Gaming with friends is what The Classic Gamer is all about and this time we decided to play Wave Race 64. GtVSlayer, Optimus Grind and J-Man decided to jam this N64 staple one Sunday Funday. Wave Race 64 is a fairly common game on the N64 & arcade platforms. As a jet-ski racer traversing multiple courses, obstacles, and levels you attempt to win races to advance to future levels.You pick up different ballons which trigger attacks or speed boost to gain advantages. The levels have a great visual appearance compared to the 2.5D feel of Mario Kart.
We had some fun and decided to do a fun video of “wiping out” to the tune of the surf music classic “Wipe Out by the Surfaris”. Enjoy!

Wave Race 64| Rating

If it were not for the fact that Wave Race 64 adds a unique spin to racing games with excellent graphics, I would not recommend it at all. Falling short to games like Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart 64, it’s hard for me to rate this higher than 6 stars. I find the value of racing games stems from multi-player formats and this one lacks in dimension.

Wave Race 64Although if you like racing games this one does add some flavor to the normal track with the Jet-ski racing feel. In the arcade these things were one of the cooler looking games as the controller was a model Jetski. I remember playing this  due to that marketing. The music in the game is awesome, if your into surf tunes. If you are looking for a cheap racing game with a fun theme that has excellent graphics I would recommend it.

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

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