Love Letter | Review

Love Letter is a competitive card game for 2-4 players, designed by Seiji Kanai and published in America by AEG. In the game, players are suitors, who are trying to woo the Princess in her tower.

To do this, they have to manipulate the people around her. On each turn, players will draw a card and play a card, using the cards’ abilities to try and knock the other players out of the round. For example, the Guard will let you guess the card in an opponent’s hand, and if you’re right they’re out. The King will actually let you swap hands with an opponent. And the Princess herself is a card! She’s the highest value card in the game, but if you’re forced to discard her, you’re out! The last person standing – by knocking the players out of the round or having the highest value card when the deck runs out – gets a token of the Princess’ affection – a cube – and the first person to acquire a certain number of cubes is the winner.

Love Letter is for people who like their card games fast, easy, and with a lot of bluffing and deduction.

Love Letter | Video Tutorial & Impressions

Nick D explains the game briefly in this video tutorial and review of the game. The way to be cunning in this game is to know how the cards interact so you know which card to play on your turn, and which cards to anticipate from your opponents. Love Letter is a good light game. It’s a great time filler while you are waiting for other players to finish their games at your meet up so you can start a bigger game together. Check out the video review of Love Letter below!

Love Letter
4.5 out of 5

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