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You really can not get any more old school than the first. That’s right, Kung Fu is the original game in the Beat ‘Em Up genre of gaming. Before Double Dragon, TMNT the Arcade Game, or Battletoads, there was Kung Fu. This game is based on the Japanese movie “Spartan X,” or as we call it in America, Jackie Chan’s “Wheels on Meals.” Reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s last movie, “Game of Death,” you play a kung fu master that must ascend 5 levels of thugs, traps, supernatural creatures, and bosses. Your character in the game, Thomas, apparently had his girlfriend scooped up by some random evil boss guy because that is what NES launch title baddies do best. Go rescue her.

Kung Fu may take a mere seven or eight minutes to play through if you don’t die. But die, you will, grasshoppa. Even though Kung Fu has a simple punch button, kick button, and directional pad set-up, getting the timing down on each of the attacks requires patience, practice, and quick reflexes. A significant test of all of these are the knife throwing enemies you will encounter on all 5 levels of the game. Knowing when to dodge their daggers, run away, or chase them down is never really clear when you are being attacked by so many other thugs on screen at the same time. It will often feel that one life bar to finish a whole level is just not enough.

Kung  Fu Review

Kung Fu may look outdated from an outsider’s perspective, but the classic gamer will recognize it as hardcore, technical yet simple, and the game just has the feel of an authentic original. You always feel your character is powerful and that each moment represents an entirely new challenge. Each move in the game has varying timings as well as balanced strengths and weaknesses. The sweep should be your bread and butter, the standing kick has good range, and the jump kick can put you in danger but has tons of power.

Kung Fu | Rating


Kung Fu NES – Those Knives to the Face, Bro

Kung Fu NES – Those Knives to the Face, Bro

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