Strider Sega Genesis Review and Playthrough

I just found you, and this might sound crazy, but can you fly all around the screen and shoot things for me maybe?

I just found you, and this might sound crazy, but can you fly all around the screen and shoot things for me maybe?

Strider on Sega Genesis

Growing up at the arcade, there was one game I never played.  It was Strider.  At first it was because of the crowds surrounding the game when it came out, and then it was because the machine was frozen from people playing the hell out of it.  Mostly though, I didn’t play it because I was intimidated.  There is a great scope to the action in the game  that goes well beyond what you see on the screen.  In those days, quarters were my livelihood, and I saw people lose this game in under a minute… But then the game was announced for Sega Genesis.  It was coming big at 8 Megabytes–the largest home console game ever–up until that point at least.

Strider is a game filled with tough breaks, intense action, and fun with physics.  Each and every point of the game is like an action puzzle that relies half on proper button pressing and half on the experience of dying miserably.  Demon’s Souls, made for PS3, reminds me of the trial and error you will go through with Strider.

Playing through Strider as a kid without using a continue gave me style points with my friends who watched.  This game also gave me an overall appreciation of a hard game that can be mastered. Interested players should see my first play through of Strider in over a dozen years in the youtube video below.  (Edit: Also, at the very bottom of the article you can see exciting game play from the next generation version of Strider that was recently announced.)

Strider | Sega Genesis

GtVSlayer Speedrun | Strider | Sega Genesis

Strider | Rating


In Strider, the main character Hiryu is a futuristic plasma sword armed assassin sent in 2048 to endure five levels of hack ‘n slash beat ‘em up platforming action.  Hiryu’s moveset is renowned for paving the way for ninja hero based games.  Also unique to this game in its heyday is the ability to acquire robot companions that buzz around the screen and vanquish foes all by themselves.  Capcom used a voting system to choose which of their characters made it into the game Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.  Hiryu was the most requested character by fans. He beat out classic characters like Mega Man.

Not going to knock the game Screw Attack calls the best Sega Genesis game ever.  It was also EGM’s game of the year for 1990. Strider has a simple and elegant control scheme. You have two action buttons: a jump button and a sword button.  When you press down and jump, you do a slide attack that gains just the right amount of ground.  When you jump into various structures of the game, Hiryu latches on to them and can climb up, or climb horizontally hand over hand.  When he jumps forward or backward, he does doing a cool flip.  During any animation, you can rapidly press the sword attack button and have Hiryu strike just as quickly as you can. The awesome controls make  for an excellent action game, and in my opinion, one of the best.


Recently Announced: Strider For Next Generation Systems With Game Play Video

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